Panic grips residents as more landslides occur in Murang’a

Thursday, December 5th, 2019 15:55 | By

Panic has gripped residents in various parts of Murang’a County after several landslides occurred in the area.

About three incidences have been reported in upper Kangema over the past two days though no casualties have been reported.

One incident was reported in Ichichi where 300 tea bushes were swept away and second one in Karurumo where the estimate of the damage yet to be assessed.

County  meteorological officer Paul Murage says the soils in the area have reached maximum moisture capacity for absorption and cannot hold more water.

The residents living in the highlands have now been cautioned to be on the lookout of any slight earth movement with fears of more damage likely to occur as the rains persist.

“Any additional rainfall will lead to surface run off occasioning to landslides in the highlands and flooding in the lower parts” he said.

Those living nears the rivers have also been urged to be on the lookout as the water volumes have drastically increased and might spill over
Murang’a is one of the counties which has been earmarked to have high risk of landslides alongside Elgeyo Marakwet.

Elsewhere tens of rice farmers from lower Kiharu are counting losses after river Sagana burst its banks submerging their plantation.

About 30 farmers who have been affected said they were preparing to harvest the rice as it had matured.

Catherine Njoki one of the farmers said she had hired casuals to cone harvest the rice only for them to get to the firm Thursday morning to find the farm covered by the water.

Njoki said they might not be able to harvest anything if the water does not subdue in a few days and this might make them incur huge losses.

“We had pegged our hopes on selling the rice to get some cash but the rains have ruined our crops” she said.

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