Police request court for 30 days to detain suspected gang head

Friday, August 5th, 2022 02:45 | By
The alleged ring leader of the deadly Confirm Gang, Dickson Macharia Waithera (Dico). The gang is linked to a spate of violent crime in Nakuru. On the right is Nakuru County Commander Peter Mwanzo. PD/Raphael Munge

Police in Nakuru are seeking 30 days to detain suspected ‘Confirm’ gang leader Dickson Macharia Waithera to enable them to finalise investigations.

Through a miscellaneous application in court yesterday, the police requested custodial orders on the grounds that the case was complex and needed more time to conclude.

State Counsel Oscar Limisi said the suspect, who is believed to be the mastermind of the gang, is also linked to murders in Mawanga targeting women.  Limisi said the police are also investigating Macharia’s involvement in organised crime and drug trafficking.

The State Counsel argued that the suspect has a great influence on gang members who are potential witnesses in the case.

Unarmed citizen

However, Macharia’s advocate, David Mong’eri, opposed the application, saying the only thing it revealed was that the police are afraid of an unarmed citizen.

He added that the averments in the affidavit are hollow and are not accompanied by proper information and facts.

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