‘The first time I got revelation that I would be president was in 2006’ – Ruto

Sunday, February 25th, 2024 19:30 | By
President William Ruto during his visit to Western Wall in Israel for prayers Israel on May 9, 2023. PHOTO/PCS
President William Ruto during his visit to Western Wall in Israel for prayers Israel on May 9, 2023. PHOTO/PCS

President William Ruto is now claiming that he got divine revelation that he would one day ascend to power as Kenya's president.

Speaking at the Benny Hinn Crusade in Nyayo Stadium on Sunday, February 25, Ruto reflected on a momentous experience dating back to 2006 sharing that he received a revelation foreseeing his future leadership role.

"Our friend and brother Benny Hinn, welcome to Kenya. Because you are a great man of God, I want to say this today here at Nyayo Stadium. The first time I got a revelation that I would be president of Kenya was in 2006 during the Azusa 100 celebration of revival in the US and I was there with my wife, Rev Bishop Adoyo and many others," Ruto stated.

Additionally, the Head of State noted that it's his unwavering faith in divine providence that he sees a promising future for Kenya.

He also highlighted his recent meeting with the US ambassador, disclosing that the President of the United States extended a rare invitation for the President for a state visit.

Ruto noted that it marks the first and one-of-a-kind visit by an African president to the US in over two decades.

"I couldn't believe that the son from Sugoi would one day be president of Kenya. And because that revelation came during that great revival celebration, I am certain that God is going to favour this country with another revelation and make this country great in Africa and globally. Let me tell you, I have just come from a meeting with the ambassador from the US, and you know the President of the US has invited the president of Kenya for a state visit. A visit of a kind. No African president has had a state visit to the US for over 20 years. Kenya will go places," Ruto declared.

Ruto at Kasarani

Earlier today, during the AIPCA centenary celebrations at Nairobi's Kasarani gymnasium, Ruto pledged substantial support to the church.

''The AIPCA is a very unique church that stood to fight for the country's independence, because you had no shame in fighting for freedom, as a government we shall not shy away from standing by you,'' Ruto said.


''I will arrange so that we give you sh50 million to build that college. If that will not be enough, then come back to us.''

Ruto announced a government donation of Ksh50 million for the construction of an AIPCA college and promised to buy land and build the church's headquarters as a gesture of appreciation for its contributions to Kenya's independence struggle.

Additionally, the Head of State assured further assistance if needed and proposed the government's purchase of a building for the church's sustainable income generation.

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