Ruto: Give me 1 year to reduce unga prices

Tuesday, October 25th, 2022 17:15 | By
President William Ruto. PHOTO/William Ruto/Twitter

Kenyans may need to wait a little bit longer for the cost of unga to come down after President William Ruto on Tuesday, October 25 said the country needs at least one year to stabilise the cost of living.

Speaking during a groundbreaking of 4054 affordable housing units in Kibera, Ruto said the production sector in the country had been neglected for four years and it will take him up to one year to remedy the situation.

"I told you we must reduce the cost of living and unga and that journey of doing it has started. I have already reduced the cost of fertiliser.

"We have given our farmers 1.5 million bags of fertilisers and we are planning to give them another six million to increase the production of food.

"This will make the cost of unga come down. Those who increased the cost of unga to Ksh230 did it in four years, but just give me one year to rectify it," he told Kibera residents.

Ruto's affordable housing program

President William Ruto during the launch of 4500 affordable housing project in Kibera's Soweto B area. PHOTO/William Ruto/Twitter

The project is aimed at offering residents the opportunity to become house owners through an affordable rent-to-own program from as low as Sh2400 per month.

The Kibera project is the third one in hardly two months since the Kenya Kwanza formed government.

The President said the government is targeting to construct 29000 affordable houses by December 2022.

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