‘My goal is to make future generations prosperous’- Ruto

Thursday, November 16th, 2023 17:29 | By
'My goal is to make future generations prosperous'- Ruto
President William Ruto during a past function. PHOTO/@HusseinMohamedg/X

President William Ruto has defended the Kenya Kwanza administration's economic policies, saying his goal is to transform Kenya and make future generations prosperous.

During the opening of a two-day National Executive Pitstop Retreat at the Edge Convention Centre in South C, Nairobi, on Thursday, November 16, President Ruto downplayed criticism from various quarters regarding the country's trajectory. He insisted that he would not choose a convenient or popular path to transform the country.

“We should never be short-term in our approaches to issues. My goal is to transform Kenya and make future generations prosperous," President Ruto stated.

"We have had to make very important decisions, sometimes not very easy, sometimes not very pleasant - very difficult decisions to be able to take the country forward. We must always make the right decisions, however difficult it may be. You can never go wrong by making the right decision."

The Head of State highlighted that Kenya is progressing towards food security due to the government's move to subsidise food production.

He also pledged the government's commitment to deal with unemployment as well as honouring the country's debt obligation.

“We are now intentional on the creation of jobs as well as the repayment of our debts. Kenya will not default on its obligations," he added.

In recent months, President Ruto has faced heavy criticism for imposing additional taxes on Kenyans despite the harsh economic times.

Foreign trips

At the same time, the president defended his numerous trips abroad, asserting that the country stands to reap big from his engagements with global leaders.

“We have created a shining profile for Kenya; it is now a destination of choice to many investors and tourists,” he quipped.

“We have consolidated our place in the globe.”

Ruto's appeal

He appealed to those in leadership positions to support the government's policy interventions aimed at improving the lives of Kenyans.

“It is time we discharged our responsibilities effectively so that we can change the lives of millions of Kenyans," Ruto said.

“The sustained appraisal of our work-in-progress will help us fix our shortfalls and accelerate our successes.”

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