Truck drivers to wait for 48-hours test results or face quarantine

Sunday, May 10th, 2020 12:41 | By
Rift Valley regional Commissioner George Natembeya addressing derivers and residents at the Namanga one stop border point. PHOTO/PD/CHRISTINE MUSA

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya has warned there will be no compromise in cases where covid-19 results delay, and truck drivers must wait.

Mr. Natembeya was addressing cross-border truck drivers including those who ferry perishable agri-produce from Tanzania to Kenya.

Testing of truck drivers along the busy Namanga one border post Kajiado commenced on Saturday.

The drivers will be receiving their covid-19 results in a minimum time of 48hours before being allowed to proceed with the journey.

Samples taken will be sent to Nairobi for testing.

While speaking at Namanga when he toured the border warning of dare consequences for those found breaching the law, Natembeya cautioned the truck drivers against using excuses of ferrying perishable produce to be allowed to proceed with their journey.

"Every clearing agent and driver ferrying vegetables and fruits should brave for any eventuality in case of any delays of taking samples and testing. A clean bill of health is the only license to proceed with your journey as a driver," said Natembeya.

Natembeya also warned the drivers against any movements from place to place while waiting for results. 

" If you are a driver waiting for taking off your sample and results, that does not guarantee you to roam around. It is your duty to know how to manage yourself because any movement around will equally be treated as illegal movement," said Natembeya. 

He said the drivers will also be subjected to 14-days quarantine when nabbed while exercising any careless freedom of movement along the border town. 

Natembeya also warned Kenyans crossing to Tanzania to attend mosques, churches and revelers going for drinking spree that they be put to force quarantine for two weeks. 

Elders, chiefs and all administrators have been tasked to work with police to give vital information against border criss crossing the porous body. 
Natembeya has warned administrators against laxity in enforcing the law saying fighting covid 19 is a collective responsibility.

More than 200 trucks mainly ferrying tomatoes, onions and oranges are cleared at the busy border point everyday. 

Kenya is among the biggest consumers of fresh produce from the neighboring country

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