Cavenagh brothers Tommy, Max headed to Enduro2 race

Friday, March 31st, 2023 11:00 | By
Cavenagh brothers Tommy, Max headed to Enduro2 race. PHOTO/Courtesy

Tommy and Max Cavenagh- sons of two times National Rally Champion the legendary Alastair Cavenagh- are set to compete in the second round of the Kenya National Enduro Championship at Kedong Ranch in Naivasha on April 1.

The two brothers who only started Enduro racing in 2022 both managed to win their respective 50cc and 65cc championship titles in their inaugural year of competition in 2022 and have now both moved up a class to 65cc and 85cc respectively. 

“I am sure the competition is going to be tougher in the bigger class,”said Tommy at the recently held awards ceremony, adding: “However I am looking forward to it and hope to ride in the bronze event also to gain more experience.” Max (pictured) who has now moved up to a 65cc is coming to terms with using gears and is likewise looking forward to the new season challenge.    

 of stiffer competition.

Tommy finished in second place with Max coming in a respectable 4th after the first round of the 2023 enduro championship which was held at Naivasha’s Malu Ranch in February.

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