Cricket Kenya names squad ahead of ICC qualifiers

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023 06:13 | By
Cricket Kenya names squad ahead of ICC qualifiers
Cricket Kenya Chairman Manoj Patel (L) addresses journalists during a past event. PD/ ALEX NJUE

Cricket Kenya has named an 18 man squad ahead of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Men’s U19 Cricket World Cup qualifier for Africa slated for Tanzania between June 21-30.

Nairobi Gymkhana leads the slots currently in the squad with five players picked. The squad under Josephat Irungu has Brian Likavu (Kenya Kongonis) and Yash Gohil (Nairobi Gymkhana) as the wicket keepers/batsmen. Other players in the fray include; Darsh Panchani (Shree Cutchi Leva Patel `Samaj)-batsman,Raj Manji (Sikh Union)-batSman,Vishil Patel (Ruaraka Sports Club)-Leg-spin/batsman,Vaibhav Naresh (Stray Lions)-Medium-Pace/batsman,Dedan Omondi (Stray Lions)-Medium Pace,Stian Smith (Nairobi Gymkhana)-batsman and Yuvraji Bhatyani (Nairobi Gymkhana)-Medium Pace/batsman. Others in the squad are; Krish Haria (Swamibapa)-Batsman/spin, Ken Mwangi (Obuya Academy)-Medium Pace, Allan Kibabi (Kenya Kongonis)-Medium Pace/batsman, Neel Doshi (Nairobi Gymkhana)-Medium pace/batsman, Saavir Karani (Obuya Academy)-Medium pace, Aarnav Patel (Nairobi Gymkhana)-Off spin, Hitendra Sanghani ( Shree Cutchi Leva Patel Samaj)-Left Arm spin/batsman, Vatsal Shah (Mombasa Sports Club)-Left arm spin and Hassan Lijodi (Pirates Cricket Club)-Bat/spin.

Four weeks

The team has been in camp for the past four weeks and according to word from CK,the Selection Panel will settle on a 14 member squad once the training is effectively done. The tournament to be played in Dar es Salaam will feature six teams ;Nigeria,Sierra Leone,Uganda,Namibia,Kenya and hosts Tanzania.

Uganda and Namibia automatically slotted in after topping the last Division 1 Qualifier in Rwanda in October/September 2021.Kenya qualified for the tournament after winning the Africa Division 2 Qualifier in Nigeria in September/October last year.

Meanwhile an International League T20 (Continental T20-Africa) tournament has seen Kenya’s senior men’s team lined up to participate.

Hosts Kenya will play alongside neighbors Tanzania,Uganda,Rwanda plus West African side Nigeria and Southern African side Botswana. At least 18 matches will be played at the Nairobi Gymkhana between June 9-June 20. Experienced batsman Rakep Patel of Kanbis Sports Club returns at the helm as Skipper of this Tour Event. This will be the first engagement in 2023 for the Men’s team after a lull.

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