Kickboxing body resume activities, line-up several

Monday, April 15th, 2024 03:50 | By
A young fighter takes a break during a recent training session in Nairobi. PHOTO/SPORTPICHAS

The World Kickboxing Kenya Extreme Combat Sports Federation is set to resume events after a four-month hiatus that left fans eagerly anticipating the return of adrenaline-pumping action.

Speaking to People Sports, the Federation’s president Japheth Yahuma (Takid Master) revealed that the country’s combat sports body is gearing up to make a triumphant comeback after months of no action.

Takid Master further added that an array of federation’s setbacks temporarily halted its events, but now, with renewed vigor and determination, the body is poised to reclaim its place at the forefront of combat sports in Kenya.

“A variety of both personal and federation’s setbacks were the main reason we took a break from our routine combat sports events as we did not update our  calendar, leading to the hiatus,” he said.

Further, Takid Master insists that everything is now flowing smoothly and urges fighters, coaches, match officials and sponsors alike to be alert as action resumes in due course.

“We are urging all the stakeholders, well-wishers and the government to come on board and support all Mixed Martial Arts. Sports is a great venture for our youth, if given enough support, cases of drug and substance abuse, unemployment and criminal activities among the youth will drastically drop because they will be fully committed in the wider field of sports,” he added.

Following the last event held in Nakuru County’s Madison Square Garden in October last year, the federation encountered strategic considerations that necessitated a pause in its activities.

Additionally, President Takid Master endured injuries that compelled him to take a well-deserved four-month hiatus from early January to the present.

However, in a recent statement brimming with optimism, he reassured the WKF Kenya family, friends, and fans that the federation is poised for unparalleled success. He emphasized his commitment to ensuring that the upcoming events surpass all expectations, promising an experience that will captivate audiences like never before.

The resurgence of WKF Kenya will commence with the highly anticipated National Belt Grading event. While the date and venue are yet to be officially announced, anticipation is already running high among enthusiasts eager to witness the next generation of combat sports talent emerge.

Despite initial setbacks that delayed the federation’s calendar, President Takid Master has called upon all WKF Kenya Extreme Combat Sports Federation teams to prepare for what promises to be a fiercely competitive series of events.

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