Riders confident of seeing motocross season to the end

By Barry Silah
Tuesday, July 28th, 2020
Motocross trainer Philip Guya issues instructions to riders during a training session at Jamhuri Race Track at the weekend. Photo/PD/PHILIP KAMAKYA

One would think the motocross season never took a break going by the action at Jamhuri Race track in the past two months.

 The sound of motorcycles screeching and the sight of dust in the past few weeks is a testament to the hunger of the riders to resume action that took a break following the emergence of Covid-19 pandemic in early March. 

Although only a few riders are training at intervals at the track, the smell of fuel from the engines clearly points to a sport ready to get the season underway as soon as the government gives clearance.

 MX 125 Class rider Alex Kandie is eager to return to action and is desperate for at least one race to be called.

The 17-year-old believes that it would be painful to cancel a season. “It would be nice to get one race going for sure because most of us have been idle save for the occasional training we have.

Motocross is not a contact sport and so we can get on with it of course with precautions like not allowing fans in.

I would wish for at least one test so that I can assess my preparedness because I feel rusty.

I have just had some few drills with body exercise and doing a couple of laps on the bike but still I want to do a proper run even if I am beaten so as to spur me , “Kandie said at the weekend.

 At the same time MX 85CC rider Natalie Cherono and MX 65 CC starlet Wahome Mutai who have also been doing test runs are also keen on a return date. For 12-year-old Natalie, it would be fun getting the action on to clearoff the cloud of uncertainty.

“I really want to get back even though I am not fully fit. It will bring cheer back to riders and mechanics and parents as well so that we have an exciting atmosphere again,” she said.

 Only two rounds had been completed in the new season and according to the East African Motor Sports Club chairman Kennedy Kihara, it is still possible to complete a good chunk of the year. 

“We can do at least 75 per cent as per our rules. In case of unforeseen challenges, the members will sit and agree, but certainly we would not want to let the remainder of the season wasted.

At least five more, equivalent to at least one race per month if and when we open and that is hopefully next month.

It is possible to do a marathon schedule in a safe environment so that riders can get back to their groove.”

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