Step-by-step guide: How to join a golf club in Nairobi

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022 12:10 | By
Muthaiga Golf Club. PHOTO/Courtesy

Kenyans will be gearing towards a fun-filled 4-day event from March 3, that sees top-notch golf maestros revered worldwide come and test their skills in the annual prestigious Magical Kenya Open at Muthaiga Golf Club.

With most sporting headlines featuring the iconic spectacle, many begin to wonder what are the steps and requirements needed to just join a simple golf club locally. Well, worry not and let's dive into how you can get yourself a full golf membership at a local club.

Muthaiga Country Club
For one to be a member of this exclusive, they need to get a proposer who must be a current member of Muthaiga Golf Club and has held such membership for more than three years.

One must then pay a Ksh20,000 admission fee. Upon admission, the member will be required to pay an entrance fee of Ksh454,000, development Levy of Ksh30,000, chit deposit of Ksh20,000 and equipment levy of Ksh36,000 bringing the total to Ksh540,000.

Kenya Railways Golf Club
Situated in the Central Business District of Nairobi, between Uhuru Highway and Lower Hill Road, the club has the distinction of being one of the only golf courses in the world – if not the only one – that has a fully functioning railway line traversing the course, over which golfers must strike their golf balls during a round.

As of 2014, one had to pay an entrance membership fee of Ksh120,000 and annual subscription fee of Ksh30,000 for gentlemen. Ladies have a little bit more friendly rate and only pay a membership fee of Ksh80,000 and annual subscription fee of Ksh20,000.

Parklands Sports Club
Located along Ojijo Road in Parklands, the club also features different pastimes such as squash & snooker.

To become a full member of this sports club, one must have attained the age of 25 years and above before paying Ksh505,500 as entrance/joining fee, pay an annual quarterly subscription fee of Ksh36,000 as well as an annual quarterly sports subscription fee of Ksh2500.

Karen Country Club
This members-only club is one of the oldest golf clubs in Kenya having been founded in 1937.

Membership is strictly through proposal by two members of the club; a proposer and a secondary must have been members of the club for a minimum of two years and are of good standing.

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