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Martha Karua: I stand before you fully aware of the implications, symbolism of this moment

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022 05:00 | By
Martha Wangari Karua reading her speech after accepting her nomination as the Deputy President Candidate.
Martha Wangari Karua reading her speech after accepting her nomination as the Deputy President Candidate.

The selection of a Running Mate and a Deputy President-designate is one of the most important decisions a presidential candidate has to make.

For this reason, allow me to start by thanking the Azimio Council and the Running Mate Selection Panel for a thorough and transparent process in the selection of a Running Mate for the Coalition’s flag bearer.

By this act, the Council and the Panel have set standards for future presidential campaigns. I also wish to congratulate the other candidates, those with whom we walked the path of this possibility, and who were interviewed for the position. I am indebted to you as worthy competitors and look forward to joining forces to drive the campaign forward with the same energy and zeal.

I am deeply honoured by the decision to nominate me as the Deputy Presidential Candidate for the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party. I stand before you fully aware of the implications and symbolism of this moment.

It is a story of those who have had the courage to try, have failed sometimes, and have continued even against the odds. It is a journey of diligence and persistence.

For it matters less how many times we fall; what matters, what truly matters is the strength and determination with which we rise up again.

Today is one more reason to never give up, and for this, I am also grateful to the faceless team of dreamers who have walked with me through and through. You know yourselves. Thank you for never letting me rest.

Three decades ago, at the height of the clamour for a democratic state, we began the journey to liberate this country from the yokes of under-development, negative ethnicity, endemic corruption, and poor governance.

Ten years later, we had not succeeded. Learning from the past mistakes, in 2002, we came together to remarkable success.

Pledged to work

From decades in the trenches with my brother, Hon. Raila and many other patriotic Kenyans, we found ourselves on the right side of history, cusping at the hope of an entire nation under the umbrella of the National Rainbow Coalition.

Today, we find ourselves in an almost similar moment. Like you here today, across the county and in the Diaspora would agree, that the Azimio team presents a chance to respond to a higher calling, albeit in a different environment as that of  2002.

I am proud that together with my brother Raila, and all those who are with us, we have a truly unique opportunity and responsibility to take Kenya forward. Together, we can finally midwife the realisation of so many dreams deferred.

Together we can breathe new life and validation into the Constitution of Kenya 2010. Together we can strengthen the foundations for a demonstrable, definitive and final battle against endemic poverty, preventable disease and deaths, as well as ignorance.

Yet none of these is achievable without addressing the greatest obstacle to us all, the Indignity of corruption. 

At Azimio, ours is a quest for enhanced and equitable economic growth, strong devolved units, improved access to affordable quality education access to safety, security and justice and sustainable development for all. It’s a quest for the integrity of the soul and heart of Kenya. This moment calls for a people of conviction, courage, and consistency.

Raila has passed that test. And like in the days of old, like at that moment 20 years ago when Raila said Kibaki Tosha, I am proud to say today, Raila Tosha.

Together and for such a time as this, we offer you a road map to a better country for you, and for those who will come after you.

For this reason, I ask: Come! Please walk with us.

Ladies and gentlemen, with these few remarks, and with utmost humility, I stand before you to say that I, Martha Wangari Karua, do hereby accept this nomination as the Deputy President Candidate.

—Abridged version of Karua Speech

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