Mothers adopt better feeding habits to fight malnutrition boost child health

Reading Time: 5 minutes When Marcella Kerubo introduced porridge to her four months old infant, she was not aware of the consequences of her […]

Boost breastfeeding for healthier nation

Reading Time: 2 minutes World Breastfeeding Week 2022 kicks off today with a series of activities geared towards supporting breastfeeding. As a child’s first […]

To work or breastfeed? Mothers in limbo

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Daily cost of treating Covid stands at Sh21,000

Reading Time: 3 minutes The cost of treating Covid-19 disease stands at Sh21,000 per day, way beyond reach amongst a majority of Kenyans, a […]

While breast milk provides all the nutrients an infant needs, some situations call for formula

Reading Time: 3 minutes Medical experts recommend  exclusive breast feeding of infants for up to six months. Nothing beats the nutritional value of breast […]

Del Monte launches breastfeeding centre

Reading Time: 2 minutes Del Monte Kenya has launched a breastfeeding centre to support the nursing mothers working at the expansive fruit processsing facility

Eyebrows raised over huge drop in birth, death listing

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Newborns: Breastfeeding, a natural act that requires learning

Reading Time: 3 minutes “After delivery, the next important step for mothers is to breastfeed their little ones,” says Nerea Ojanga, midwife Kenyatta National […]