Hotelier breaks world record for wrapping fries

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022 02:50 | By

The owner of a fish and chips restaurant in Wales broke a Guinness World Record by wrapping five portions of fries in 40.13 seconds.

Guinness World Records said Zohaib Hussain, owner of the Zero Plus Fish Bar in Cardiff, wrapped five portions of fries in 40.13 seconds, breaking the record for the fastest time to wrap five portions of chips by more than four seconds.

Hussain attempted the record at his restaurant on May 27, National Fish and Chips Day in Britain.

“I’ve always been pretty quick, in a busy shop you don’t have a choice,” Hussain told Guinness World Records. “As I work in the shop every day, I’m wrapping chips on a daily basis so you could say I’ve had 20 years of practice.”

Hussain’s parents bought the restaurant in 1991 and he took over the business after finishing college. He’s earned rewards including the Potato Councils Perfect Portion 2009 and the Drywite Young Fish Frier of the Year 2012.

“On the lead-up to me winning the Young Fish Frier of the Year competition, I had a documentary team follow my journey, this also included me frying and eating fish and chips with [His Royal Highness] Prince Charles,” Hussain said.

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