August 9

Don’t incite Kenyans, politicians cautioned

Thursday, June 30th, 2022 00:13 | By
Kwale County Commissioner Gideon Oyagi PHOTO/Courtesy

Kwale County Commissioner Gideon Oyagi has warned politicians against making utterances that may incite residents, saying they will face the full force of the law.

Oyagi (pictured)appealed to the politicians to preach peace as they seek votes from residents, saying security agents will ensure peace during the ongoing campaigns and elections period. Speaking in the county yesterday, the commissioner warned that anyone involved in any form of violence will be arrested and prosecuted.

“As we wait for the August 9 elections, let all of us commit that we will maintain peace. When we engage in violence we will be hurting our family, friends and neighbours,” he said.

He also said security agents are alert to watch politicians who will recruit minors in their campaigns in carrying their banners and posters.

“Security teams are ready and will ensure there will be maximum security and peace during the election period so that we can have free and fair elections,” he noted.

The commissioner urged eligible voters to turn out in large numbers and vote, saying security teams will make sure each Kwale resident takes part in their democratic right to vote in a safe and secure environment.

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