August 9

ODM’s Paul Khisa asked to step down in favour of DAP-K’s Kiminini flagbearer

Saturday, July 30th, 2022 16:21 | By
Kiminini Constituency MP candidate Paul Khisa of ODM with Maurice Kakai Bisau of DAP-K PHOTO/Emanuel Tarus
Kiminini Constituency MP candidate Paul Khisa of ODM with Maurice Kakai Bisau of DAP-K PHOTO/Emanuel Tarus

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) officials in Trans Nzoia County have sacrificed Kiminini Constituency Member of Parliament candidate Paul Khisa in favour of the Democratic Action Party of Kenya DAP-K’s candidate Maurice Kakai Bisau.

Making the party’s resolution, ODM’s Secretary John Simiyu and treasurer Washington Ngesa said party delegates drawn from the five wards in the Kiminini constituency endorsed the decision that Khisa steps down and supports Bisau.

The two said the decision was arrived at after it emerged that Khisa is less popular compared to Bisau.

“We are all looking at the Presidential seat where all parties in the Azimio la Umoja Coalition party are supporting Raila Odinga. Baba needs foot soldiers in the National assembly. In view of this, we have decided that ODM will support Kakai Bisau,” Simiyu said.

They said even if Khisa does not relinquish his quest for Kiminini parliamentary seat, the party does not recognize his candidature.

“There comes a time when the interests of the nation supersede individual interests. We now recognize Bisau as the only Azimio candidate in the Kiminini constituency,” Ngesa stated.

In a quick rejoinder, Khisa said his democratic right cannot be taken away from him by party officials whom he accused of receiving bribes to support his opponent.

“Simiyu and Ngesa were bought to curtail my ambition. I am telling them what they did is an exercise in futility because I am still in the race,” Khisa said.

Khisa, a new entrant into politics said he was not involved in the entire process and was shocked to learn what the two officials had planned for him.

“I was invited to the Azimio meeting only to be told to step down and support my opponent. That is against my constitutional rights as a Kenyan,” he added.

Addressing hundreds of his supporters, Bisau said the resolution was in the best interest of Azimio la Umoja.

“Even if my brother Khisa does not want to support me, we shall go to the ballot and you the electorates will decide who your next MP will be,” he said.

ODM and DAP-K have been engaging in sibling rivalry and supremacy battles in the cosmopolitan county.

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