August 9

Ruto is to blame for divisions in Mt Kenya region- Sabina Chege

Friday, July 15th, 2022 15:41 | By
Sabina Chege during a past event
Sabina Chege. PHOTO/Courtesy

Murang'a women representative Sabina Wanjiru Chege now says Deputy President William Ruto is to blame for the divisions in the Mt Kenya region.

Speaking in Kiharu Murang'a, Chege noted that the region has never been divided as it is now since people are rising against each other due to political differences.

According to her, President Uhuru Kenyatta welcomed Ruto into the region, but instead of maintaining unity, he instigated hatred among the leaders and people.

"What hurts me most is that he went to the 'bedroom' and messed things up and instead of keeping people united he has been working on dividing them", Chege said.

"We even have our leaders who have been insulting the president who is the kingpin of the region which is really sad"

She said the leaders supporting Uhuru have been striving to seal the cracks and unite the people for them to speak in one voice.

"In three weeks' time, the president shall be leaving office and we should ask ourselves where we will be left as the region", she said.

Sabina Chege drums up support for Raila

Chege said she is hopeful that the residents will eventually embrace Raila and vote for him in the August polls.

"I am confident Odinga will be our next president and based on the assessment we have done in various parts of the country, he is enjoying massive support from the people" she added.

Chege also slammed those disputing the recent opinion polls indicating that Odinga is in the lead.

"Those doubting the polls should face reality and know this is what will happen on August 9 as that will be the defining moment,

"During the 2017 general elections Odinga did not have the backing of the region but this time we are supporting him fully to ensure he wins the seat," Chege said.

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