August 9

Trans Nzoia Woman Rep loses seat to little-known Lilian Siyoi

Friday, August 12th, 2022 09:30 | By
Trans Nzoia County Woman Representative Janet Nangabo. PHOTO/Courtesy

Trans Nzoia County Woman Representative Janet Nangabo has lost her seat to United Democratic Alliance (UDA) candidate Lilian Chebet Siyoi who garnered 102,488.

Nangabo, who served for two terms, came forth with 13,822 behind DAP-K's Phanice Khatundi who got 65,641, and Susan Nakhumicha of Ford-Kenya who managed 32,497.

Trans Nzoia County Returning Officer John Cox Lorionkou declared Siyoi the winner of the race.

In her acceptance speech, Siyoi said the people of Trans Nzoia expressed their will through the ballot by voting for her.

"I know this victory is attributed to the people of Trans Nzoia who believe in my manifesto. Their overwhelming support is an indicator that indeed they trust my leadership," Siyoi said.

New Trans Nzoia Woman Rep's manifesto

Lilian Chebet Siyoi. PHOTO/Courtesy

Siyoi, a new entrant into politics, said she will champion the interests of women, youth, and people living with disabilities.

"I clearly understand the scope of my assignment. I can assure the women, youth, and people living with disabilities that I won't let them down. The Affirmative Action fund will serve their interests" she said.

She called on Trans Nzoia residents to shun divisive politics and focus on how to better their lives.

"August 9 is now behind us. We should forget the tribal and divisive politics and love in harmony in this cosmopolitan county," she appealed.

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