Author: Harriet James

Ghana plans to enhance trade relations with Kenya

Reading Time: 2 minutes MARKET:  Ghana has embarked on an ambitious plan to enhance economic cooperation with Kenya and tap into the African Continental […]

Teacher carves his way to fame

Reading Time: 4 minutes Emmanuel Tongi  grew up knowing his father, Gerald Motondi was a teacher. He also operated a photo studio in Bomware […]

Marital a***e and the church: When a home of refuge becomes an enabler of v******e

Reading Time: 6 minutes They worked together and attended the same church. So when this Prince Charming decided to take their friendship to the […]

Vision boards and why your child needs one

Reading Time: 4 minutes This year, you may have drafted your vision board to keep your goals in plain sight. But it may not […]

Technological trends to expect in 2023

Reading Time: 4 minutes It is said that g****l spending on information technology is set to increase by about five per cent to USD$4.6 […]

Environmentalist passes on her passion to her daughter

Reading Time: 4 minutes Growing up, Marley Sianto Sikawa recalls growing around wild animals around Masai Mara G**********e where her father worked for the […]

We can’t get enough of Kenya’s beauty

Reading Time: 4 minutes Interestingly the number of families leaving the comfort and predictability of routine life to explore the world and documenting their […]

Parenting and self-care

Reading Time: 4 minutes When Sarah  Musyimi Bamba, Ceo and Founder of Bamba Adventures and Events had her first child, she was young and […]