High cost of fuel turns Mombasa riders to e-bikes

Tuesday, October 17th, 2023 07:15 | By
A rider with an electric bike
A rider with an electric bike. PHOTO/Print

Electric motorbikes are becoming increasingly popular among commercial motorcycle riders in Mombasa, driven by soaring fuel prices, riders have said.

The Kenyan government recently increased petrol, diesel, and kerosene prices, prompting riders to explore electric motorcycles as a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative.

The quiet and eco-friendly nature of electric bikes is also appealing to customers, including tourists.

Hilary Sikuku, a veteran commercial rider, reported increased profits with his new electric motorcycle, which costs him only Sh400 a day to charge compared to over Sh600 for fuel.

“I used to make Sh800 per day with the other bodaboda, now I make over Sh1,200 per day depending on how busy the day is, this is a good improvement because we are getting the value for money after purchasing the new rides,” said Sikuku.

Green economy

Many riders using combustion engine bikes are planning to switch to electric ones, supporting the transition to a green economy. President William Ruto’s pledge to promote electric motorcycles in Kenya has raised awareness of these vehicles. 

As fuel prices continue to rise, the shift towards electric motorcycles is expected to grow. Nicholas Matunda, another commercial rider at Shauri Yako stage in Nyali, Mombasa with an electric motorcycle now urges the government to ensure more charging spots are available with long-lasting batteries to avoid inconveniencing them.                                 

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