Ten most relaxing ways to burn ‘Covid-19 calories’

By Nailantei Norari
Tuesday, July 28th, 2020
Most relaxing ways to burn ‘Covid calories’.

While there are some people who will blitz through a cross-fit workout or a marathon without breaking a sweat, most people find the business of working out not so pleasant. But the ‘Covid-19 kilos’ have piled up, the outside is open and we at some point have to roll to work. Here are some of the fun activities to help you banish some fat, writes Nailantei Norari.


Intensively, rollerblading can burn 683 calories perhour. Rollerblading on the way to your work and going home or when visiting the park if you have a strict workplace might be a fun way to cut calories.

You also look really cool when blading around, even if it is just around the neighbourhood.


Go backpacking if you wish to burn more calories. Almost 637 calories per hour can be burned on a person weighing 100 kilogrammes when hiking with a heavy backpack.

This is your chance to backpack across Kenya. How many counties have you been to anyway? Now make the audacious move.


Hiking makes you feel great and enjoy nature. It’s so much different from spandex pants and the treadmill in a gym.

Try going up all the hills at Ngong, instead of just littering and getting inebriated under the windmills. 

Moderate lap swimming

For a 90kg-individual, 528 calories per hour can be burned in doing light and moderate lap swimming.

You do not need to be a Dunford; just get into the water and work up a sweat. You might even make a case for not showering afterwards.

Brisk WalkING

It’s more effective to walk quickly compared to strolling. A five kilometer per hour on the way to the store or market can burn calories of up to 391 calories per hour. It also gives you time to think and re-centre yourself.


While playing golf in the course vicinity, carrying clubs can burn 391 calories per hour for a 200 pounds individual, which is almost the same as brisk walking.

The walking really ups the ante here, especially if you want to cover the entire course.

Social distancing rules might just work in your favor especially since caddies may not be needed.

Slow Cycling

Cycling less than 16 kph pace can burn up to 364 calories per hour in a person weighing 90 kilogrammes pounds.

You are not in a race where the last person gets eaten by zombies. You can slow down enjoy the sceneries and just have fun.


If you’re living near a river or can access Uhuru Park or Paradise Lost along Kiambu Road, this is your reason to go there often.

For a 90-kilogramme person, 319 calories per hour can be burnt if they paddle down a lake or a river.

Just paddle across that Uhuru Park lake consistently for an hour and you will have burnt calories contained in for bananas.


One kind of Chinese martial arts is Tai Chi and is often used as an exercise. Its deliberate, slow movement, which gives the practitioners a zen feeling. Tai Chi can burn calories for 273 per hour.

Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing is a competitive type of sport and can be an exciting hobby.

For people who are dancing ballroom, 273 calories per hour can be burned. In fact, any dancing is fun and an effective workout as you are more likely to show up daily for something fun rather than something arduous.

Break out the rhumba and lingala songs, why don’t you?