Ensure product quality becomes Kenya’s signature

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KEBS Lake Regional Office in Kisumu.
KEBS Lake Regional Office in Kisumu. PHOTO/@KEBS_ke/Twitter

In our rapidly evolving world marked by swift technological advancements and intricate socio-economic challenges, it is essential to inculcate a robust culture of quality, professionalism, and growth.

This culture is not just a business requisite—it is pivotal to secure the future of nations.

Recognising this urgency, Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board (KASNEB) and Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), backed by renowned professional and educational stakeholders, have crafted the transformative Certified Quality Professional (CQP) programme. A landmark initiative, CQP is Africa’s premier competence framework-based programme. It promises to bridge the widening gap between academic rigour and real-world practice.

In a global landscape, ensuring products and services align with top-tier international standards is at the bedrock of a nation’s progress. The CQP initiative is a concerted effort to foster a cadre of professionals who will spearhead quality across diverse sectors. By raising the expertise bar, the programme endeavours to prepare individuals with unmatched skills and a holistic vision. These leaders will not only drive businesses to flourish but bolster Kenya’s position on the global stage.

The CQP is emblematic of commitment. Those who undertake it are not just seeking certification; they are pledging allegiance to the highest standards. This pledge, combined with rigorous training and practical evaluations, ensures that graduates are adept at traversing the intricate maze of quality management.

Programme’s competency framework is its cornerstone. It meticulously covers six pivotal areas: Quality Management Systems, Quality Leadership and Ethics, Quality Planning Risks, Quality Assurance and Control, Quality Performance Management, and Quality Improvement and Innovation. Each segment is designed to inculcate a deep-rooted ethos of quality.

Furthermore, CQP emerges as a beacon for sustainable development. With its inception, we take a formidable stride towards an era underscored by quality, rooted in global best practices. The programme’s holistic approach ensures professionals are well-equipped to shine in both the public and private realms.

Anticipating potential resistance to change, the CQP programme has been infused with flexibility. Whether it is accommodating prior learning or offering varied learning methods, the programme caters to a spectrum of needs. It stands out not just for its content but its innovative delivery approach.

In this tumultuous professional epoch, the CQP is a lifeline, offering clarity and direction. As we sail through the 21st century, the onus is on us to shape the future. The CQP serves as the ideal platform for the youth, endowing them with skills that fuel both personal and national growth.

This transformation is not a solitary mission. We beckon all industry players, educators, and stakeholders, especially entities like KNQA and TVETA, to champion this cause. The CQP’s launch, against the backdrop of Kenya’s National Quality Infrastructure Policy, heralds an era of renewed focus on quality.

Despite the hurdles on the horizon, the boundless opportunities outshine them. The CQP, in this rapidly shifting environment, is our guiding star, pointing towards a brighter future underpinned by quality, professionalism, and sustained growth.

The CQP is not merely a programme—it is a movement. As Kenya stands on the cusp of redefining its professional trajectory, we invite all to partake in this journey. By registering for the inaugural examination in December 2023, you are championing a resolute march towards excellence, ensuring that quality becomes Kenya’s signature.

  — The writer is the acting Managing Director at the Kenya Bureau of Standards

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