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Kioni faction accuses Ruto of trying to overthrow Jubilee party leadership

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023 22:02 | By
Jeremiah Kioni at a past media briefing
Jeremiah Kioni at a past media briefing PHOTO/Courtesy

The Jubilee Party has accused President William Ruto of orchestrating a 'coup' in the party with the aim of instituting government-friendly leadership.

In a statement, the Jubilee party side led by suspended secretary general Jeremiah Kioni dismissed changes in leadership that ousted former President Uhuru Kenyatta as the Party leader, with nominated MP Sabina Chege taking over in an acting capacity.

"The Jubilee Party Constitution does not envisage a situation where a rebel group can evict a Party Leader from his position The rebels group is being commandeered from State House. Kenya Kwanza has shown blatant disrespect and disregard to multiparty democracy," the Jubilee party side led by suspended secretary general Jeremiah Kioni said.

"By commanding his troops to attempt to hijack the Party Leader position on the same day that Azimio is protesting against his regime, Ruto has confirmed to Kenyans that he does not care about the dialogue William Ruto's coup in Jubilee proves that he is an individual obsessed with absolute power and settling political scores."

The Kioni-led faction has challenged the President to bring down the cost of living, the cost of electricity and basic commodities, and address the weakening shilling instead of engaging in Jubilee Party affairs.

The party maintains that the new officials announced by acting secretary general Kanini Kega are illegitimate until ratified by a National Delegates meeting scheduled for May 22, 2023.

"Official communication on Party matters is done through the official platforms by the Secretary-General and at the Party Headquarters. The rebel group's meetings in clandestine locations, the subsequent minutes and resolutions are null and void," the Kioni-led faction said.

"The official record at Registrar of Political Parties is the source of truth as to who are the officials of the Party. Officials appointed by State House are illegitimate, just like the regime that is sponsoring their take over bid."

Kega on Uhuru's position at Jubilee

Kega said Uhuru has violated the party constitution by summoning a National Delegates Convention for May 22 through NEC resolutions attended by only seven members.

"The purported NEC meeting did not have a quorum as provided by the constitution, it had seven members of whom three are suspended pending the internal dispute resolution mechanisms,'' Kega said.

Kega said by holding a NEC meeting with suspended officials, Uhuru was in contravention of the Jubilee constitution.

According to Kega's team, the notice for the NEC meeting was not given within seven days as provided for in the party constitution.

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