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Maa leaders launch bid to join Ruto administration

Tuesday, January 10th, 2023 00:30 | By
Maa leaders launch bid to join Ruto administration
Environment and Forestry CS Soipan Tuya and governors Patrick ole Ntutu (Narok), Joseph ole Lenku (Kajiado) and Jonathan Leleliit (Samburu) and other Maa leaders enjoy roasted meat during a Maasai Cultural Manyatta for ilkileku age group at Osinoni Transmara West, in Kilgoris, where they launched a Maasai unity drive. PD/George Sayagie

Senior leaders in Maa community have kicked off a drive to unite the  ‘Maa Nation’  in a bid to enhance their political stakes and bargaining power in the President William Ruto administration.

The move aimed at motivating the community to work as a bloc and boost their political bargaining power was agreed upon during the Maasai Cultural Manyatta for Ilkileku age group at Osinoni Transmara West, in Kilgoris, where the leaders toured.

Leading the initiative is the Environment and Forestry Cabinet Secretary Soipan Tuya and governors Patrick ole Ntutu (Narok), Joseph ole Lenku (Kajiado) and Jonathan Leleliit (Samburu).

Others who embraced the move are Tourism PS John Ololtua as well as lawmakers Julius Sunkuli (Kilgoris MP), Rebecca Tonkei (Narok Women rep), Leah Sankaire (Kajiado Woman Rep), Seki Lenku (Kajiado senator), Steve Lelegwe (Samburu senator), George Sunkuyia (Kajiado West MP), Gabriel Tongoyo (Narok West), Lemanken Aramat (Narok East), Kitilai Ntutu (Narok South), David ole Sankok (EALA) and former Youth PS Julius Sunkuli.

Conspicuously away

Narok Senator Ledama ole Kina (ODM) was conspicuously missing in the unity announcement though sources closer to him said that he had indicated he would not be present.

Speaking at the event, the three governors from the region said they had whipped all the Maa leaders to put their political differences aside and unite the community to support the Kenya Kwanza administration to make sure they benefit from development projects and employment positions.

Governor Ntutu, Lenku, Leleliit, announced plans of holding an annual cultural festival week as a way of upholding their cultural practices.

“As we embrace unity among ourselves as Maa leaders we have also decided to create a cultural week that will be rotating yearly among the three counties before we finally push for more recognition as a UNESCO heritage centre,” said Lenku who was elected under the Azimio One Kenya Alliance.

Lenku, who is the chair of the recently formed Narok-Kajiado Economic Bloc, said apart from the culture, they will also be pushing for unity among the leaders and the communities.

CS Tuya supported the move saying the community has a rich cultural heritage that should be preserved for posterity.

Ntutu on his part called on all leaders to unite and fight for the Maasai community, saying parties are only conveyor straps to leadership positions but the people have the power to judge who they want to lead them.

Kenya Kwanza Alliance

“All of us should remain behind the Kenya Kwanza Alliance led by president William Ruto and so far we have seen the fruits of his leadership as the Maa community through appointments in government and for us to get more we must remain united,” said Ntutu.

Leliit said Leaders should endeavour to unite all the residents in order for them to reap the benefits of the current regime.

Kajiado Senator Seki Lenku expressed the same sentiments saying that unity of purpose should be initiated among the community leaders, urging all the leaders from the community to work together for the good of the people.

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