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Makau Mutua takes a jibe at Kioni as Azimio fallout looms

Monday, December 11th, 2023 16:25 | By
Makau Mutua
Professor Makau Mutua. PHOTO/Internet

Professor Makau Mutua, who is a lieutenant of the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition party has taken a jibe at Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni over differences in the opposition camp.

Mutua has dared the Kamwene Caucus, which brings together Mt Kenya leadership in the opposition, to hold demonstrations in the region to prove their influence on the people.

"I will take my brother Jeremiah Kioni seriously when he and his Kamwene siblings organize Maandamano in the Mountain," Mutua wrote.

This comes hours after Mutua urged leaders in Azimio who do not support the report by the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) to leave the opposition outfit.

"Azimio isn’t a forced marriage. Please leave if you can’t support the NADCO report which is the product of the party’s agreed democratic processes," he added.

Kioni tells off Mutua

Moments after Mutua's statement, Kioni told off Mutua saying they are not in Azimio on his invitation.

"Mwalimu, We're not in Azimio on your invitation!" Kioni said.

Kioni and Narc Kenya Party leader are among politicians in Azimio who have faulted the report by NADCO, saying that it has not addressed key issues affecting Kenyans.

Last week, Karua said the report had failed to address three issues among them cost of living, audit of the 2022 General Election, and respect for political parties and multiparty democracy.

“While concluding in the NADCO Report, we have to say, it has nothing to alleviate the suffering of citizens but it offers goodies to the leadership. This is totally unacceptable. It is a fraud upon Kenyans. It should be frowned upon and rejected. It is a distracting national smokescreen,” Karua said.

“In any talks, the part that makes the talks succeed is the party in power. These talks have failed because the Kenya Kwanza regime and Ruto himself have nothing but contempt for Kenyans. You fool around for 8 months and you come with 0 results."

The bitter exchange inside the opposition camp could indicate a looming fallout with Karua, Kioni and other allied leaders likely to walk away after disagreeing with Azimio leader Raila Odinga on the report.

Inside NADCO report

The NADCO recommended the reconstitution of the IEBC selection panel to be increased to nine members from the seven which was proposed by President William Ruto.

NADCO also recommended that legal reforms that have been passed 18 months before the general elections become effective in the next election.

The committee recommended the establishment of State Offices such as the office of the leader of the opposition and the office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary.

In matters of cost of living, NADCO indicated that the committee was unable to reach a consensus on the reduction of VAT of fuel from 16 per cent to 8 per cent, and scrapping of the housing levy.

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