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Mt.Kenya shall eventually embrace Raila Odinga and support him fully – Sabina Chege

Sunday, December 12th, 2021 14:09 | By
ODM leader Raila Odinga. PHOTO/COURTESY

Murang'a women representative Sabina Chege has exuded confidence that the vote rich Mt. Kenya region shall eventually warm up to and embrace Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga and support his presidential bid.

Chege said Raila has for years been locked out of the region and painted as a monster to the locals, but the recent move by the Mount Kenya Foundation to endorse him shall change the perception about him.

"He did a good thing by going through the elders who gave him the leeway to come to the people in the region,"she said.

She said there has been too much negativity peddled about Odinga to the people, and this has made them reject him for decades.

"We have had mudslinging and name-calling politics painting him in a very bad light to the people, making them to reject him because they have been told many things about him to an extent you would think he is not human,"she said.

She said Raila's declaration to vie for the presidency marks the beginning of dialogue between him and the residents, with the latter left to decide if they will take him or not.

"At least we now have a conversation whether we can support Raila or not and this is not something we could not have done," she added.

Chege said she shall be on the lead to drum up support for Raila and help people shed off the fear they have for him.

"It's my responsibility as a leader to tell the people of the region the truth because they have been fed with too many lies,"she said.

She however said this could be risking her political career, but she is willing to take the risk.

Chege said Raila shall carry the day if he gets support from the region, which has a vote rich of eight million voters.

"Last time almost half of the voters voted for him and this was without a lot of support from the region"

She said Raila has proven to be a statesman and his track record speaks for itself.

"He fought for the second liberation of the country, Multiparty democracy and also initiated the push for the new constitution, he has vied for the seat four times and this shall be the fifth time, we should give him a chance to lead the country and see what he can do," she said.

She said there shall be a series of town hall meetings between the leaders and the locals as they seek to collect views from them.

"We shall also be 'listening to the ground' so that we know which direction we are heading to," she said.

Chege however, said other presidential candidates are free to come and sell their agenda in the region and the people shall decide whether to vote for them or not.

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