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Raila does not mean good for this country – Ruto allies

Friday, March 6th, 2020 20:00 | By

A section of leaders from central region who are affiliated to the Deputy President William Ruto have vowed not to support the Building Bridges Innitiative (BBI) as long as the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga is steering the debate.

They accused Raila of using the innitiative to propel his political agenda but he has caused massive divisions in the country.

The politicians who had flanked Ruto during his tour in Kandara Murang'a, said Odinga does not mean good for this country.

Moses Kuria, the Mp for Gatundu South, Jane Kihara Mp Naivasha, Ndindi Nyoro, Kiharu, Alice Wahome, Kandara, Wangui Ngirichi women representative Kirinyaga, Rigathi Gachagua MP Mathira and Didmas Barasa the Mp for Kimilili said the former premiere wants to bring the country to a stand still.

Kuria said Odinga will never be accepted in Central region at any given time and he cannot be imposed on people by anyone.

"We are not going to be micro managed by anybody because we can be able to make our own decision," said Kuria.

He said the 2022 succession pitics shall be a defining moment for the region and the locals will have make the couce of who will lead them.

He said due to the heightened political temperatures the country is at standstill and no development is taking place.

Rigathi on his part said people should be allowed to read and understand the document and make their own decision.

He said the government should translate the document into native languages for all the tribes in the country.

"The president said people to should read the document and understand it but it's is not for the leaders to tell them what to do," he said.

The legislator also said the leaders alllowd to Odinga should respect the people from the region.

"The people who went to Kinoru stadium were given Sh500 instead of Sh10, 000 which had been allocated for them and this is very demeaning," he said.

Wahome said for BBI to be accepted by the people from this region president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy have to take lead.

She said Odinga has been leading squads moving around the country but his agenda is to divide the country.

"We would like to see Uhuru and Ruto spearheading this debate because their are the bonafide leaders of the country," she said.

Ruto on the other hand he will not allow leaders to divide the country on tribal basis over the BBI.

He said the debate should not be about power, positions and authority instead it should address the issues affecting the common person.

"Let us purpose to unite people instead of dividing them because as lrqsdrra we have a common goal to serve the this great nation," he remarked.

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