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Wanjigi says he will lead Kenya’s third revolution

Saturday, April 9th, 2022 21:04 | By
Businessman Jimi Wanjigi PHOTO/Viola Kosome

Presidential aspirant Jimmy Wanjigi has said he will lead the third political revolution in the country which will bring a change in leadership and governance.

Wanjigi said he will lead a movement dubbed 'ituika' which is translated to generational change in the reins of power with a promise to inject new energy into leadership.

"The leaders we shall have onboard are the ones who shall be elected by the people to serve their interests," he remarked.

Having his roots in Mathioya, Murang'a county which is home to some renowned liberators, Wanjigi said he will start the revolution from there pointing out that the county is vocal in national politics.

"This is the home of radical politics and I can assure you what you have been seeing in other parts of the country is nothing, the real revolution is coming," he said.

Speaking during his tour in Murang'a, Wanjigi said the Kenyans are suffering due to poor leadership which has seen the economy deteriorate and the cost of living has gone up.

He blamed President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto for the current woes facing the country saying the two should carry the blame for the current situation.

"These two should stop pointing fingers at each other because they cause this mess together," he said.

"Kibaki left the country in a better place but for the past ten years we have drifted back and we are a bankrupt country" he added

"My mission is to ensure neither Odinga nor Ruto takes the seat because none of them deserves that seat," he added.

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