Turning love permanently on

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Groom: Elisha Wambiji Bride: Fransisca Nzula.


Where did this love story begin?

Fransisca: We met back on 24th July 2011 at a Mpesa shop in Thika.  It was on a Sunday and I was depositing money for Chama.

I didn’t know that the shop was his mum’s. He was bored staying at home so he came to work and just when he walked in, the Mpesa systems went down so I had to wait.

We talked a bit and since I am shy, he did most of the talking. He asked for my number, I obliged. He called later that evening and the rest is history.

How was dating?

Dating him was tough because when we met he was still in campus. We had an on and off relationship (Laughs).

We used to break up a lot, there was even a time we took a break for one year.

We are from different tribes but the main issue of conflict was the education bit since I did not have a degree and he did.

How was education an issue?

It was for a while. He didn’t have any issue because I was honest with him on our first date.

But to his family education comes first. But he fought for our love and here we are. And by the way, they love me so much now.

Please describe the proposal?

He proposed on Valentine’s day in 2018. We went out for dinner and just before we paid the bill, he told me to give him a minute as he needed to sort something out with the restaurant.

It was a lie because he had organized a surprise for me. He came back and told me that we needed to go home so when I stood up and began walking out, my favorite song began playing and the DJ suddenly said that the song was for someone special.

The hotel staff then brought a cake written ‘Always and forever.’ The ring was inside the cake and my hubby got down on one knee and proposed.

How was the wedding planning?

It was less stressful since I had a team working behind the scenes ensuring that everything was going according to plan.

My maid of honor and my sister-in-law were there for me all through. We also had the funds so planning was easy.

What complicates wedding planning is not having enough funds and depending on the wedding committee to raise the funds. The only regret I have is that I didn’t get the gown of my dreams.

What happened to your dress?

My tailor failed me big time. I got the dress the night before my wedding. Sadly, the gown she made for me was completely different from what I desired. I was to do my fitting three days before the wedding.

When I went on the set date, they had not finished making the dress which angered me.

By Friday morning on 23rd July, a day before my big day, the dress was still not ready. I got the dress at 8 p.m. on the same Friday.

The dress was so ugly that I requested they do some adjustments that same night. I got to my house past 11 p.m. on the eve of my wedding.

Did she refund the cash?

No, she didn’t. I was so mad that I did not bother asking for a refund.

What can you tell couples planning their wedding and they want their dress tailored?

I would advise them to do their research first. They should also engage their tailor two months before the wedding so that they have ample time to make changes and not have a last-minute rush.

So how was it working with your make-up artist?

Tabitha Nyango of Tabby-tabbz-makeover knows her job well and was easy to work with.

She got up very early in the morning to be at our house on the wedding day.  In fact, my girls kept her waiting but she was patient. She stayed with me till the wedding was over.

What advice do you have for couples planning their nuptials?

Get to know your partner well because communication is key. Respect is also very important in marriage.

Ask questions, don’t just assume. And if there is any misunderstanding, sit down with your partner and talk about it without shouting.

Do not gossip about your partner with your friends. Last but not least, treat your partners the way you would like to be treated.


Makeup: Tabby Tabbz Makeover

Cake: Glory Home Pastries

Photography and Videography: Pekat

Décor:  Goldwings Investments

Nails: Sensational from Thika, Alisa Plaza

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