Water, the spiritual link between worlds and time

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Haitian women of the Vodou religion pray in a water body as they try to connect with the spiritual world. COURTESY

You might not see it, but this is probably the strangest thing in the universe. Water! Every molecule of water on earth, inside you and any other living thing has existed for billions of years. It has been through a voyage through different states and forms and other beings before coming to you. At some point the water inside of you would have been in a dinosaur, bacteria, the ocean and so much more.

 According to science all the water on earth is alien. One of the theories is that water came through asteroids from space. It is also the second most common molecule on earth. Water doesn’t follow the rules of molecules; scientists argue that water shouldn’t be a liquid form in our planet, but in gas form, which it does as vapour under the right temperature. Unlike other liquids, when it freezes it expands and thus ice floats on water, floating ice has allowed complex organisms to survive on earth. Water molecules can also flow upwards. This material has broken so many rules of chemistry that scientists struggle to understand it. 

Strong connection

Without this tasteless liquid, none of us would exist. Through capillary action, Water nourishes leaves and branches that grow in the sunshine. Where there is water there could be life. Aside from its scientific nature, spiritualists say that water holds a strong connection between the physical and the spiritual world. According to TikToker Swiry Nyar Kano, your relationship with water can clearly tell you the relationship between your ancestors and the creator.

“If you want to know how close or far your ancestors were with God the creator of the universe, look at your relationship as an individual with water. Water has memory that traces back to the beginning of time, therefore if water makes you feel safe, alive and fearless, it means the specific ancestral channel that you as an individual follow has always had pure intentions towards the universe. If water irritates you or you just hate water, it means you followed an ancestral channel that was evil and brought harm to the universe at some point. Therefore, it is your responsibility to right their wrongs during your lifetime by living in the spirit of Ubuntu for the good of all and harm of none,” shared Swiry while sharing spiritual hacks on her channel.

She adds that if water scares you or you are scared of a water body, this is an ancestral trauma response that could either mean you come from an ancestry that was brainwashed to be terrified of their own god. Or you come from an ancestry that experienced traumas in water like during slavery and colonisation.

As to whether this connection between god and ancestors can be determined with water connections in the present times, Mijikenda Elder John Baya shares that it might not be entirely true.

“This is not necessarily true because this kind of spiritual link would vary with different areas where people live. There are some areas in Africa, which are more or less dry, so there is no way the ancestor had that close connection through water, but there was definitely a channel in nature, which they used for this spiritual attachment. So, if you are referring to nature in general, there are people who are attracted to and are very conservative of their natural environment, which is a reflection of how their ancestors also lived. Water, would be for people who also lived in areas around water bodies.  All people who are nature sensitive, are godly and thus close to the creator,” shares the elder Baya.

Symbol of faith

Baya adds that ancestors connected with the highest forms of nature for spiritual arousal. For instance, they would go to very high mountains, or deep in the forest, or close to water bodies, for spiritual arousal. So maybe one will follow in line with that which aroused their ancestors. When talking about ancestors, they are generally one with nature.

According to the Christian belief, water is seen as an element of both purification and destruction. According to Mombasa based pastor, Jolline Katama, water has been used several times in the bible to show the nature of God and his power.

“In the story of Noah, God used a flood to destroy the things he did not want. The journey of the Israelites from Egypt when they were crossing the red sea, water was used to destroy their enemies. In the book of Isaiah, God promises safety to his people even when they pass through the water. Water is also a symbol of faith. During baptism when you are immersed in the water is a symbol of remission and washing away of sins for one to be united with Christ. It symbolically takes with it the old as the new comes, it is a rebirth. Jesus several times used water in his miracles, indicating that water is a symbol of life itself. Water being the very essence of life makes it the very being of God’s power,” shares the Pastor and gospel singer.

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