‘If law enforcement has failed, women will close down those bars’ – Dorcas Gachagua

Saturday, February 10th, 2024 20:38 | By
Second Lady Pastor Dorcas Rigathi at a past event. PHOTO/(@pastor_dorcas_rigathi)/Instagram
Second Lady Pastor Dorcas Rigathi at a past event. PHOTO/(@pastor_dorcas_rigathi)/Instagram

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua's spouse Pastor Dorcas Gachagua has issued a warning to bar owners in the wake of the tragic incident that claimed lives and left others blind after consuming illicit brew in Kirinyaga.

Speaking during her visit to the families of the victims on Saturday, February 10, Dorcas said that so far the death toll of the bootless alcohol had risen to 23 while five others were temporarily blind.

Pastor Dorcas who was accompanied by church leaders from different churches highlighted the need for immediate intervention in the issue of drug and substance abuse.

"Many of you have seen me struggling with issues of alcohol and drug abuse, and how we've been talking about the potential harm it can cause. So, we've come together as a church and we're saying we won't keep quiet anymore; we'll speak up about this issue and we'll help our youth," she said passionately.

The Second Lady expressed her frustration with the lack of effective measures against those responsible for selling the deadly concoctions noting that they are given multiple chances to keep killing people

"People are not goats or cows, cats or dogs; people are dying like this. Someone is taken to court six times and released only to come back and kill people. They're given another chance to kill others, twenty-three have died, and five others are blind," she lamented.


"If the law and the government fail, we as women will close those bars."

Owner of bar detained

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) said that Baricho Law Courts granted a request by the prosecution to detain John Muriithi Karaya alias Carlifornia, owner of the bar that sold the deadly brew at the Kiamaciri police station.

"The Baricho Law Courts has today allowed a miscellaneous application by the prosecution seeking to have John Muriithi Karaya alias ‘California’ detained for 20 days at Kiamaciri police station in connection with the deaths of seven people who died on 6th February 2024, due to the consumption of illicit liquor at Kangai, Mwea-Sub County, to allow the police to conclude their investigations," ODPP said in their statement.

The ODPP further stated that the investigation aims to uncover the circumstances surrounding the distribution and consumption of the illicit brew.

The matter is set to be mentioned on March 7, 2024.

Deadly concoction

Addressing people who had gathered around the victims on Tuesday, February 6, Kirinyaga Health CEC George Karoki said the symptoms strongly suggested the presence of ethanol in the bootleg alcohol.

"The type of symptoms and signs exhibiting themselves from these particular patients have shown that they had blurred vision, they could not see well," Karoki stated.

"We suspect this illicit brew had ethanol because of the signs and symptoms that they exhibited; it showed that they had blurred vision and could not see well," Karoki told the members of the Forth Estate.


"This type of chemical can cause liver cirrhosis and other nervous system problems, including that sign where they cannot see well."

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