DP Ruto welc*mes Raila to Hustler Movement after unveiling his economic model

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021 16:01 | By
Raila Odinga (left) and Deputy President William Ruto
Raila Odinga (left) and President William Ruto at a past event. PHOTO/Courtesy

Deputy President William Ruto has welcomed the ODM leader Raila Odinga’s economic model that he proposed on Tuesday, July 13,

Raila's model seeks to boost rural development to spur up economic development in the country.

Taking to his social media handle, the DP said it is commendable that Kenyan politics has become purely about issues and not about ethnicity, power and political positions.

“Am glad that for the first time in our history of 50 years as a nation ordinary people with their ordinary hustles; mama mbogas, boda boda operators, herders, traders, farmers and fishermen will be at the centre of our political conversation that is now about the economy,” he stated.

He lauded the ODM leader for his proposals saying it mirrors what his Hustlers' Movement has been advocating for since its inception.

According to the DP, such an economic model will be effected through the formulation of relevant policies and not through changing the constitution.

“Conversation here in the Hustler Nation is about the economy, not ethnicity; it is about empowerment, not power. We talk about creating jobs, not positions. We discuss how to create opportunity/wealth not merely sharing. Our focus is on citizens, not leaders,” he said.

“We will achieve this by changing policy not the constitution and by embracing the bottom up and not a top-down economic framework,” DP Ruto added.

The country’s second in command welcomed the ODM leader to his camp since they have now started reading from the same script.

“My friend Tinga, welcome to the Hustler Movement. It is said that it's only a fool who doesn't change his mind,” he urged.

According to Raila, the Jubilee Government has focused its energy on uplifting the lives of people in the Urban centres leaving behind people in the rural areas.

He stated that for the county to achieve equitable growth, rural areas must be uplifted too.

“Going forward, and to ensure a more balanced growth, Urban Regeneration will need to go hand in hand with a very deliberate policy of Rural Transformation that makes rural life more livable and migration to cities unnecessary,” he said.

“Transforming Kenya from a poor to a prosperous country will require a very deliberate focus on turning around the fortunes of rural Kenya. It has been done in other countries. I believe it can be done in Kenya,” Raila added.

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