How to find a reliable and trustworthy online bookmaker

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It's safe to say that Kenya is a piece of heaven for bettors. It has one of the most liberal gambling markets globally. Sports betting was legalized over a half-century ago, in 1966, while online sports betting, as a legalized activity, entered the scene in 2011.

Today, Kenyan punters can choose from local and offshore online sportsbooks. Still, a vast offer can be tricky sometimes, and many wonder how to find a reliable and trustworthy online bookmaker.

We have a couple of tips. 

Read reviews

When looking for an online bookmaker, your first stop should be a trustworthy site offering reviews of local and international sportsbooks. As more and more bookmakers appear on the market, finding the one that meets all your needs may be challenging. That is why sites, such as offer insights into various bookmakers, what they offer, how good they are and how to use their bonuses.

Take your time and find as much information about the online sportsbooks you consider joining as possible. It is the proven formula to ensure a stress-free and fun online sports betting experience. Like in every industry, sports betting experts are a valuable source of knowledge, enabling you to determine whether a sportsbook is worth your time.

Also, consider joining forums where other players share their experiences. Although sports betting sites invest heavily in marketing to present their offer as one of the best, if not the best, in the market, recommendations are still the most powerful marketing tool.

Forums are great because they allow you to connect with people with whom you share the same passion, find tips, and learn tricks to upgrade your skills.

Join a licensed betting site

Online sportsbooks that put their clients first and aim to provide an exceptional user experience will not allow a player to encounter any unpleasant situation. That's why a professional online bookmaker operates by the book - it will gain permits prior to entering the market.

Operators put a lot of effort into the online presence and building an excellent reputation. In addition, an online sportsbook's years of service are an excellent indicator of its reliability. For instance, if a bookmaker exists on the market for a considerable number of years, it means demand is not abating.

To summarize, if an online bookmaker has become a household name and holds adequate licenses, there's no reason not to try it.

Evaluate the offer

It's no secret that football is the most popular sport to bet on among Kenyan punters. Still, tastes differ, and as the punter base in the country grows, the need for an offer extension increases.

Therefore, before saying yes to a particular online sportsbook, determine whether they offer your favorite sports and examine the options provided. For instance, bookmakers that want to stand out in the market will offer various leagues and tournaments, both local and international, on which players can bet.

Test customer support

Online sportsbooks are great as they allow you to play from wherever you want without participating in a live interaction. But even then, you need confirmation that there's a human being behind the system at your disposal for whatever (but justified) reason.

There are two ways to test customer service. First, find out how and when you can reach it. The best options are operators offering 24/7 customer support you can get in contact with via various channels, such as dedicated phone numbers, email, and live chat.

Another option is to read reviews about customer support. Again, players on forums will go through their experience, A to Z, so aside from reading about games they tried and deposit and withdrawal options, look at what they say about customer support. 

Design is not to be neglect

Most bettors would probably say they ignore a site's aesthetics. Still, web design is critical when looking for a trustworthy online bookmaker. Therefore, how the site is organized and whether it is easy to use are two questions that you must ask during the selection.

For example, if you find it complicated to browse through the site and it takes a long time to find whatever you are looking for, it's best to skip it and continue the search.

Is It optimized for mobile?

Affordable smartphones and increased internet use have enabled us to manage our online activities with mobile phones. Online sports betting doesn't differ. More and more punters use the convenience of mobile sports betting, and bookmakers that want to stay relevant must optimize their offer for mobile.

Two options are at their disposal. They can either create a mobile version of their websites or an app available for iOS and Android devices.

Although your quest for a perfect online bookmaker may take longer than a couple of clicks, proper research is the path to safe and long-term fun; don't settle for less.

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