Irresponsible sex life fuelling HIV spread: Official

Tuesday, August 15th, 2023 04:30 | By
HIV Testing
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Homa Bay County Commissioner Moses Lilan has cautioned the youth against irresponsible sexual behaviour which he cited for the spread of HIV/Aids infections.

Lilan said the county was grappling with a 19.6 per cent prevalence rate, according to 2018 Kenya Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment report.

He said it was regrettable that majority of new infections were among the youth, thus negatively impacting the most economically productive segment of the community.

Lilan told young people in the county to protect themselves against vices that are likely to deter their progress.

He said the government had put in place measures to tackle the disease and urged the youth to cooperate in making the initiatives a success.

“The government has put in place efforts to address new HIV infections and it is upon the youth to support the initiatives,” Lilan said.

According to the official, about 50 cases of gender-based violence were reported to the authorities in the county every month, with a majority involving young people.

“Law enforcers and other agencies should help in addressing this challenge. It is sad that this problem is affecting our county and no one wants to talk about it,” the County Commissioners said.

Civil society

He was speaking during celebrations to mark the International Youth Day at Tom Mboya University in Homa Bay town.

Lilan said the government had recruited officials who will help in addressing the emerging challenges affecting the youth.

“We have resources to address the problems but we call for support from civil society organisations,” he said.

Lilan said the Ministry of Interior and National Administration will strengthen the war against drug abuse.


He said drug abuse was one of the obstacles that are preventing the youth in Homa Bay from achieving their goals.

County Youth Director Elector Opar told youths in Homa Bay to take advantage of opportunities provided by the government to engage in income generating activities.

Such initiatives include loans offered to groups.

Opar told youths that her office is ready to offer guidance to those who wish to tap the opportunities.

“Employment has become scarce but there are many opportunities that our youth can use to empower themselves,” she said.

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