Luanda criminals force 6pm lockdown on locals

Friday, January 12th, 2024 08:20 | By
Luanda MP Dickson Maungu. PHOTO/Print

Criminals have imposed a curfew in Luanda town in Vihiga county, forcing traders to close businesses as early as 6 pm for fear of being attacked.

 It is said the killer gang strikes as early as 7pm, mainly targeting business premises and late shoppers.

 Luanda Traders chairman Donald Ondele while addressing the press said business people are forced to close their premises very early for fear of being attacked.

 “Criminals have imposed a curfew in Luanda town forcing traders to close their businesses as early as 6 pm,” Ondele said.

Luanda MP Dickson Maungu appealed to Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki to move fast and address the insecurity in the rural township, saying residents were now living at the mercy of the criminals.

Local police station

Maungu at the same asked Kindiki to transfer all police officers who have overstayed at the local police station, saying they could be accomplices in the wave of insecurity.

He added: “It is unfortunate that some of the security officers are part of the insecurity in the area. Some collect money from drug lords while some collude with criminals.”

 Maungu who addressed residents in the township said he was disappointed that Kindiki had not honoured his promise to tour the area and address the insecurity.

He said he had held a meeting with Kindiki and other leaders from the county including governor Wilber Ottichilo and senator Godfrey Osotsi to discuss the insecurity in the area during which the CS promised to tour the area.

“I want to report to my people of Luanda that we met Interior CS Kithure Kindiki with Vihiga governor Dr Wilber Ottichilo and senator Godfrey Osotsi where he made a commitment to visit Vihiga county and address cases of insecurity. The CS has not stepped in Vihiga to fulfill the commitment,”  Maungu. lamented.

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