Mwaura refutes claims of insulting the President

Thursday, January 7th, 2021 21:59 | By

Nominated senator Isaac Mwaura has dismissed as untrue, reports that he made a slur against President Uhuru Kenyatta at Mswambweni when he officially declared that he had joined Tanga Tanga, a political wing that supports deputy president William Ruto.
Mwaura accused his detractors of advancing the ‘propaganda to depict him as disrespectful to the Head of State and his family.
Speaking on the People Daily in an interview, he said that his sentiments were taken out of context by people out to suit their political goals.
“I want to make it clear that my words were blown out of context by my detractors and people who are keen to advance their political propaganda and machinations,” said Mwaura.
He reiterated that he respects the President as his Jubilee party leader and the man who nominated him to the senate. 
Mwaura maintained that the President has never at any given time declared that he doesn’t support the Deputy President as they both agreed that he (the President) should succeed him after his 10 years in 2022.
“My detractors are keen to take advantage with a means to drive a wedge between me and the president. They should cease from pursuing their well calculated schemes. My joining ‘the hustler nation’ in support of the Deputy President William Ruto for 2022 is as per the agreement in the Jubilee party program,” he said.

During a thanksgiving ceremony for newly elected Member of Parliament Feisal Mohammed also attended by Ruto, Mwaura announced that it was time for youths to shine in the Kenyan politics and accused dynasties (referring to certain families) of staying in power for long.

“We cannot be led by the same kind of people. The Moi family ruled for close to twenty-five years, Mzee Kenyatta ruled for fifteen years and they are about to complete ten more making it 50 years. We are saying that is enough and it's now time for the youth to lead,” he said.

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