Top presidential hopeful in new tactic to win voters

By People Reporter
Wednesday, February 10th, 2021
A political rally. Photo/File
In summary

Presidential hopeful in new tactic to win voters

A leading politician in the country with ambitions of running for the presidency next year, has upped his game in the propaganda war. Insiders have revealed that the politician, who has in the past run and lost the race for the big seat, has instructed close friends to ensure that two leading politicians from Central Kenya region are invited and allowed to speak at his political rallies. Though not loved in their backyard by virtue of the current political formations, the appearance is construed to mean that the region’s kingpin is represented by either of the duo.

Political motor-mouth suddenly goes mute

Another political motor-mouth from the wider Rift Valley seems to have lost his voice. He has been quiet in the recent past, taking a cue from most colleagues from his region who have recently kept away from the politics of the land. The one-time critic of the region’s political big boy, has not been seen in public or social functions. The dare-devil gentlemen with a linguistic gift has not even spoken in his own village.

Big man’s aide finds self in unfamiliar territory

A personal assistant to one of the country’s political leaders, is facing what many in the literary world call the Sword of Damocles. It is believed that an ex-girlfriend, an already known swindler, was a direct beneficiary of the raw influences that he wields in the country. A detective tells Street Talk that should the probe chiefs widen the net, then, many people around the politician might be cuffed for the sins of their position and how they have used it.

Civil servant curses bad moves in the past

A senior civil servant has been cursing about many bad moves he has made in the recent past. From appointing a sister, a sister –in-law and a girlfriend and other relatives to influential positions in parastatals that he has influence, the former employee at the postal corporation is fighting to clear his name, even as rumours swirl over nepotism and poor delivery. He has stopped making political statements after a call from the cohesion commission.

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