Isiolo Governor urges Ruto to unlock stalemate on Equalisation Fund

Tuesday, October 11th, 2022 20:26 | By
Isiolo Governor urges Ruto to unlock stalemate on Equalisation Fund
Isiolo Governor Abdi Guyo. PHOTO/Courtesy

Isiolo Governor Abdi Guyo has urged President William Ruto to reaffirm the constitution on Equalisation Fund to ensure that it benefits the marginalised counties as intended.

Speaking during a media briefing after receiving a courtesy call from the Equalisation Fund CEO Guyo Buko and KERRA Deputy Director Ziporah Nyawira, the governor said the fund has not benefited Isiolo county for the past 10 years.

He noted that the non-performance of the fund was due to court cases and pressure from developed counties that also wanted a share of the fund.

"It is unfortunate that for the past 19 years the fund has not achieved the intended purpose because of the court cases and competing counties who also want bites of the fund," the governor stated.

He emphasized that the fund was meant to bridge the gap between the marginalised counties and the rest of the counties that are developed.

"I hope that our new president will affirm the constitution and make sure that the equalisation funds are used for the intended purpose which is to ensure that the marginalised counties are funded by this fund so that they can be at par with the developed counties like Nairobi, Kiambu, Murang'a, Nyeri and the rest," Guyo added.

Governor Guyo further thanked the Equalisation Fund CEO and the KERRA deputy director for the courtesy call and promised to work with them to improve infrastructure in Isiolo County.

He noted that among the projects they discussed with the two teams are the construction of Dima Adho, Bigo Maraa and Kubi Qulallo bridges, which he said will help ease transportation from Isiolo town to Merti.

He cited inconveniences and threats associated with using the road which passes through the Achors Post where he said locals continue to face attacks from persons believed to be from neighbouring counties.

On his part, Buko also expressed concerns that the fund has not been operational since the promulgation of the Kenyan Constitution in 2010. He said efforts are underway to ensure the fund serves its intended purpose.

Buko said they will be working with different government agencies to see that the sole purpose of the fund is realised.

He added that Isiolo is among the 34 areas which will benefit from the fund adding that the processing of the three aforementioned bridges is already complete.

"Isiolo is one of the beneficiaries having been allocated Ksh7.2 billion after it was identified as marginalised by the CRA.

"I cannot tell when the projects will start but I can assure you that all the legal instruments and money is there, the remaining work is for the government agencies," Buko reiterated.

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