Steve Mbogo: Mwitiki wasn’t my friend

Monday, June 8th, 2020 10:56 | By
Dafton Mwitiki and Steve Mbogo at the Dusit D2 attack scene

Flamboyant politician Steve Mbogo has distanced himself from having a close relationship with missing sharpshooter Dafton Mwitiki.

Mwitiki went missing early in March and his Land Rover Discovery car found abandoned in a thicket near Juja.

Mwitiki came into national limelight during the Dusit D2 terror attack after being spotted in a picture with the youthful politician Mbogo displaying military-grade guns.

The Land Rover Discovery was discovered in Juja but the owner Dafton Mwitiki still missing PHOTO/COURTESY

"He really wasn't a close friend but we would occasionally meet at the shooting range. He was an incredible sharpshooter but people associated me with him after the picture went viral on social media. Truth is, I barely knew him or his dealings beyond the photo," revealed Mbogo.

Mwitiki who had once represented Kenya in shooting competition and Steve were popular figure in shooting circles.

"He was good with firearms and so I'm I. I have had my firearms licence for over ten years and never have I contravened its the ethical directives. Having been a victim at the West gate attack, I had vowed to give a helping hand whenever such an incident arose," he says.

Mbogo in Politics

Speaking about his political career, Mbogo revealed that he intends to vie for the Starehe seat in 2022.

Mbogo unsuccessfully vied for a parliamentary slot for Starehe constituency where he lost to celebrated musician and current Member of parliament Charles Njagua.

"I have nothing personal against Jaguar but I think he is better of as a musician than a politician," he ridiculed stating that they have spoken on phone.

Mbogo claims that Starehe people know they gave the right job to the wrong person and hence he would be contesting for the same seat come 2022.

The Starehe votes were doctored to write me off but we are about to rewrite this narrative in 2022," he vows.

In recent days, Steve Mbogo has been rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty including ODM's party leader Raila Odinga and Kanu's Gideon Moi.

"They are my political mentors," he discloses. "We meet on a regular and they give me advice which I trickle down to the youth," he added.

Mbogo was speaking while distributing foodstuffs, facemasks, and sanitizers to Starehe constituents in Ngara while assisting youth with money-making skills.

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