Tell us how much you pay KRA as taxes – Tuju dares Ruto on earning Ksh1.5 million from chickens

Monday, September 6th, 2021 14:37 | By
Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju. Photo/Courtesy

Jubilee party has challenged Deputy President William Ruto to make public the amount he pays as taxes to KRA.

In a press statement held at Jubilee Headquarters in Pangani, Nairobi, on Monday, September 6, the ruling party Secretary General Raphael Tuju asked the DP to not only declare what he earns but also what he pays to the taxman.

"With an income of 1.5 million a day, our DP is ok. The only thing left in his wonderful act of transparency is for him to show us the figures with respect to his very big payment to Kenya Revenue Authority," Tuju said.

According to the Jubilee SG, the DP should lead from the front in paying his statutory dues as envisaged in the Bible given that he cuts an image of a born-again Christian.

"We request that as the person who is also a good bible quoting born-again Christian, he will shame the devil and publicly give all Kenyans this information. Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what belongs to Him. ~Mark 12:17," Tuju added.

On the same note, Tuju expressed doubt on the DP's wealth saying the amount he donates to churches and pays thousands of Kenyans who visits his Karen residence daily as transport fee is not commensurate to what he earns.

"We thank him because his generosity that adds up to millions at different churches and transport money paid to his many visitors at his Karen residence, even though it was not adding up. People of goodwill may have even considered chipping in," he added.

The demands come barely a week after the DP revealed that he nets in Ksh1.5 million from the sale of eggs.

He said he owns 200, 000 chickens with 150,000 of them laying eggs daily.

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