Uproar as HIV positive men target virgins for ‘cure’

Monday, November 4th, 2019 16:55 | By

By Henry Andanje 

The government and social workers in Busia county have concern over the emerging trend in which men who test  HIV positive target youthful virgin girls for defilement and rape in the hope of getting 'cured'.

The government now blames some  outdated myths  on the  rampant cases of  rape  in Busia county.

Medical Superintendent for Busia county Referral Hospital Dr David Mukabi expressed concern that some people still believed in the myth that men who test  HIV positive could be cured if they had  sex with girls who were still virgins.

"The myth used to be there ... that men who are HIV positive could be cured if they had sex with girls who are still virgins,’’ said Dr Mukabi adding that it seems the myth has resurfaced again.

In an exclusive interview with the People Daily, Dr Mukabi urged the authorities  to  enact a law compelling all men who commit the act to be tested for HIV when they are arrested in order to know their status.

Mukabi said since  molested victims  are supposed to be tested for HIV within 24 hours, suspected  rapists should as well be tested for HIV  to determine whether they are positive or not.

Dr Mukabi said victims who are raped are always put on HIV test for three consecutive months in order to know if they have been infected with HIV or any other disease so that they can be given the right treatment.

He was responding to  report by Busia County New Kengele Forum Francis Mukamani  that rape cases had increased in the county because men who are HIV positive are now targeting virgin girls including innocent babies in order to get 'cured'.

Mukamani was reacting following an incident where a father in Mabunge area within Matayos Constituency impregnated the daughter who had taken food to him at night when he came home while drunk.

Mukamani said the husband is alleged to have escaped to Uganda when it was discovered that he was making plans for the daughter to do an abortion.

His sentiments were echoed by the Busia County Childrens officer Esther Wasige who said that about three to five rape cases are reported at Busia police Child Protection Unit every week.

Wasige said Butula, Matayos and Bunyala sub counties have got the highest cases of rape in the entire county adding that 90 per cent of the cases which appear in court are finalized well with culprits being given custodial sentence.

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