Who will rescue us from this misery?

Monday, January 17th, 2022 08:58 | By
Uasu officials and Egerton university staff sing solidarity song at the institution’s main campus in Njoro, Nakuru county. Photo/PD/Raphael Munge

It is now two weeks after campuses opened for the January session.

However, sources indicate that most public university lecturers are nowhere to be seen. It is a sad state for public universities at this time when they are reported to have gone bankrupt due to inadequate funds support by the government.

Late last year, Egerton University lecturers went on strike on claims that they haven’t received their pay for months. They haven’t resumed to date. This has left comrades frustrated, especially following the rumours that lecturers in public universities would join the Egerton lecturers’ bandwagon.

Final year comrades are always the most affected. When Covid-19 led to the shut down of learning institutions, they had no option, but to postpone their graduation. Some haven’t graduated to date and we're expecting 2022 to be that long-awaited graduation year.

However, the menacing strikes by lecturers may lead to another year wasted. Not once have I come across public university comrades who had overstayed in school until they became part of the administration’s advisory team like the village elders.

You might be so fast to judge that they are enjoying overstaying in their new homes, but after doing more research, you’ll find that it’s only because they have no other option.

They are the victims of the long strikes by students and lecturers that have taken them eight years to finish a four-year course.

Public campo is where you join as young lads and lasses and graduate as parents. This might be the reason comrades shed tears on graduation day.

The journey is never a piece of cake. This might also be the reason most employers give higher consideration to degrees and diplomas from public universities, as the comrades have developed a thick skin and can work in any condition. As they say, public campo is not only a place where we gain academically, but it is more of a school of life. It is all about survival for the fittest.

Some parents have a dislike for these government learning institutions and swear to never risk taking their children there. The wasted years on strikes make them regret how they would have just joined the short Tvet courses or even used the fee to open a business.

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