Discipline, faith key to defeating Coronavirus

By Editorial Team
Thursday, March 19th, 2020
Disinfectant manufacturers.

The enemy has struck humanity! Though shocked, confused, paralysed and in pain, we have all to summon all energy and arsenal to keep fighting—and one of those powerful tools that goes beyond science is divine providence. 

Yesterday, even as Health Cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe delivered news that the country has seven confirmed coronavirus cases—just about five days since the confirmation of patient zero—we cannot give up the fight to conquer the virus. 

From statistics in countries such as Italy and France that are now in lockdown, the next seven days will be critical in pointing our next cause of action.

The coronavirus pandemic calls for individual countries to take all the necessary medical, hygiene and socio-economic measures to tame its spread.

Most nations have declared sectoral lockdowns and encouraged non-crucial service providers to work from the safety of their homes and general public to avoid crowded areas.

Here in Kenya, all learning institutions have been closed and many public offices and private companies have allowed staff to work from home.

Corporates and businesses are also, largely, complying with directive to provide staff and clients with sanitisers and hand-washing facilities.

However, as medical researchers and practitioners burn the midnight oil to find a cure for the disease, the US and Kenya presidents have added a new paradigm; divine intervention in the fight against the deadly respiratory flu that has already claimed about 8,000 lives and infected over 200,000 people globally.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has called for national prayers on Saturday while Donald Trump has asked Americans to do the same on Sunday.

Uhuru advised Kenyans to join in the national day of prayer in the convenience of their homes, workplaces or in small congregations.

The State House event, to be presided over by clerics from various faiths and denominations, will be televised live.

While we acknowledge that atheists have their way of believe, it’s time for all to seek divine help because where mankind can’t protect themselves, God can, and when human wisdom fails, God’s abounds. 

As singer Dolly Parton’s says in  her song, Hello, God, it is time to call upon Him to help humanity overcome Covid-19. He did it before in times of other pandemics. He can do it again!