World Athletics Championships: What Omanyala and Co. could pocket in Oregon

Friday, July 15th, 2022 08:10 | By

About 1900 athletes from 192 countries will this weekend converge in Oregon for the World Athletics championships. 

Visa hitches, doping allegations and injuries to famous athletes have topped the headlines in the last few days but now it is time for business at the Hayward Field at the University of Oregon.

They say that after every hard work, expect a good reward and the World Athletics has definitely had this in mind. 

Athletes who will set a world record at the championships will earn a special award of Ksh11,825,000 (USD 100,0000) by World Athletics through their #WeGrowAthletics initiative. 

According to the World Athletics, the performance must be an improvement on the existing World Athletics world record. Performances that equal the existing world record will not be eligible for a world record award.

There will also be awards for the top eight finishers in each individual and relay event at the World Championships final. 

Gold medal winners in individual events will take home Ksh8,277,500 equivalent of USD 70,000 while silver medal winners will get Ksh 4,138,750 (USD 35,000). Bronze medal winners will earn Ksh 2,601,500 (USD 22,000).

World 1,500m champion Timothy Cheruiyot.

Relays team that wins gold will earn a package of Ksh9,460,000 (USD 80,000) with the silver medalists getting 4,730,000 (USD 40,000). Bronze medal winners will earn Ksh 2,365,000 (USD 20,000).

USA’s Dalilah Muhammad in the 400m hurdles and the US mixed 4x400m team are two of the most recent recipients of a world record award, following their performances at the World Athletics Championships Doha 2019.

A  total of USD 8,498,000 in prize money will be on offer in Oregon.

The prize money in Oregon:

Individual events

Gold: USD 70,000

Silver: USD 35,000

Bronze: USD 22,000

Fourth place: USD 16,000

Fifth place: USD 11,000

Sixth place: USD 7000

Seventh place: USD 6000

Eighth place: USD 5000

Relays (per team)

Gold: USD 80,000

Silver: USD 40,000

Bronze: USD 20,000

Fourth place: USD 16,000

Fifth place: USD 12,000

Sixth place: USD 8000

Seventh place: USD 6000

Eighth place: USD 4000

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