Moi touched lives

Ministers’ Baringo trips stir up 2022 political murmurs

Reading Time: 3 minutes It might have largely gone unnoticed but for keen observers, a tour of Baringo County by three Cabinet Secretaries, separately […]

Parallels of media harassment in Moi death coverage

Reading Time: 2 minutes Media coverage and handling of journalists following the death of retired President Daniel arap Moi on February 4 was clouded […]

Mastering the art of forgiveness

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last week we had two days to bid farewell to the 2nd President of Kenya. The first day, Tuesday was […]

Ex-President’s Moi story could have been told better

Reading Time: 3 minutes Reporting the passing on of retired President Daniel arap Moi effectively was going to take everything out of the media […]

Military did Kenya proud at President Daniel arap Moi Moi burial

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Kenyan military are the unsung heroes of the Wednesday burial of retired President Daniel arap Moi. On learning about […]

Moi burial reveals strong ties between top political families

Reading Time: 3 minutes Emeka-Mayaka Gekara There were only three people in Senator Gideon’s room at the Nairobi Hospital shortly after the death of […]

Jubilee Party SG Tuju in stable condition after dawn accident

Reading Time: 2 minutes Clement Kamau  Jubilee Party secretary general Raphael Tuju, his driver and bodyguard were among 17 people who escaped death by […]

The return of ‘Hayati’, ‘Mzee’ vocabulary in grieving lingua

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mukalo Kwayera @kwayeram In many ways, the events surrounding the funeral of retired President Daniel arap Moi, whose remains were […]

Sun sets on Kenya’s second Head of State President Moi

Reading Time: 4 minutes Emeka-Mayaka Gekara The sun yesterday set on one of Kenya’s greatest politicians who rose from humble beginnings to dominate the […]

Former president was wise counsellor, says grandson

Reading Time: 3 minutes Irene Githinji and Roy Lumbe Retired President Daniel arap Moi’s grandchildren yesterday mourned him as a true statesman, wise counsellor […]