August 9

Calls for high voter turnout characterize homestretch campaigns in Kajiado

Sunday, August 7th, 2022 11:27 | By
Kajiado governor Joseph Ole Lenku in his last campaign at Mile 46,Kajiado Central on Saturday, 6th August, 2022.PHOTO /Christine Musa
Kajiado governor Joseph Ole Lenku in his last campaign at Mile 46,Kajiado Central on Saturday, 6th August, 2022.PHOTO /Christine Musa

Heightened political activities were witnessed on the last day of campaigns with candidates mainly traversing urban centres to make their last plea to voters.

In a show of might, candidates of different political parties, together with their supporters, made their way across the county with loud sound systems.

The candidates' main message of the day was rallying voters to turn out in large numbers and maintain peace before, during and after Tuesday polls.

Both Azimio la Umoja - One Kenya coalition and Kenya Kwanza Alliance candidates freely interacted with no incident reported.

In a unique move, the Abagusii community living in Kajiado East gathered together to strategies on how to ensure there is a high voter turnout.

The elders chaired the meeting where voters' movement to polling stations challenges were discussed. Those who are able volunteered to facilitate transport for the needy who can barely afford bus fares.

The community which declared to be fully behind Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga further said the elderly persons and the sick will be assisted to get to polling stations.

They also advocated for a six-piece voting pattern for ODM candidates saying that will ensure Raila get foot soldiers in his government.

Kajiado governor Joseph Ole Lenku who held his last campaign at a rally in Maili 46 in Kajiado Central Sub-county termed the campaign period a success.

"It has been a bee busy period of burning midnight oil selling our manifestos. We have done our best and we now living voters to make a decision on the ballot. We thank God for His grace and protection and we remain optimistic that the best team will win," Lenku said.

Former governor David Nkedianye (Jubilee) who is perceived as Lenku's major challenger campaigned in Kitengela town and urged locals to turn out in large numbers.

"Safeguard your identity cards to ensure during the voting day you will have them. Voting is patriotism, voting is your right and voting is deliberation," Nkedianye said.

The governor position remains a hotly contested seat in the county and Lenku (ODM), Nkedianye (Jubilee), Katoo Ole Metito (UDA) and Ambrose Kago (Independent) will square it out.

Besides political parties, euphoria, clan, age-set and immigrant swing votes are key determinants of the winner of the polls.

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