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Mwaure vows to seize stolen public assets

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Mwaure vows to seize stolen public assets

Agano Party presidential candidate David Mwaure yesterday pledged to slay the dragon of corruption, recover illegally acquired wealth stashed abroad and pursue policies that will ease the cost of living if elected President in August.

While launching his Manifesto in Nairobi, Mwaure detailed the plans he has should Kenyans elect him the next president. “Badilisha is about starting from a clean slate. Our country is under attack by the vicious termites of corruption. We have heard three manifestos so far; Rt Hon Raila Odinga, Deputy President William Ruto and Prof George Wajackoyah,” Mwaure said.

He added: “All these are a big miss. The country is under siege by a powerful and shameless cabal of thieves,” he said.

Mwaure said his campaign is premised on the democratic principles of political tolerance and clean government given that he is a Christian and an ordained Church Minister, and it was his duty to call on his other competitors in the race to order.

Keen to address the already biting cost of living, Mwaure declared that he would slash the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax levied on gross income by 50 per cent.

“To cushion Kenyans, from the first day of our being in office - in our opening speech - we shall officially reduce PAYE by 50 per cent,” he held. 

 “This will enable Kenyans to have money, be able to meet their expenses and feed themselves,” he stated.

If enforced, he said all Kenyans who earn above the Sh32,332 per-month-cap will save up to Sh4,850 monthly .

 In his 17-page Manifesto, Mwaure, who described himself as the biblical David who will slay the dragon of corruption, took a swipe at the current regime, alleging that since they took over close to Sh10 trillion has been lost through corruption.

“Corruption has been the order while the cost of living has continued to sky rocket. Remember it is only in this administration that we witnessed some of the mega scandals like Kemsa, Ruaraka land saga, helicopter servicing contract, laptop tender, Afya House, hustlers’ jet among others. Mind you all this money could have been used in making life better,” he said.

Mwaure further noted that within his first days in office, he will issue an executive order to declare a waiver on all tax penalties accrued by business owners that fail to file tax returns or pay tax altogether.

Revenue allocation

 “We shall waive tax penalties that have been accrued until the day we are sworn in to enable businesses, farmers and start-ups who are now forced to hide from the taxman. But between now and them, we encourage you to fulfill your obligations,” he pointed out.

 The Agano presidential candidate further promised to bring back to the country Sh20 trillion illegally obtained and stashed abroad by powerful individuals.

“I will constitute a Truth and Recovery Commission to assist in recovery of all funds illegally stashed abroad and corruptly lost and obtained,” he said.

Should he and his running mate, Ruth Mutua, ascend to power in August, Mwaure has pledged to increase revenue allocation to counties to 40 per cent, designate 10 per cent to go directly to village councils.

Mwaure intends to convene a taskforce to study the possibilities of dissolving Nairobi County after this election so that post-2027, the governor will be an appointee of the President.

 Should he occupy State House after the August 9 General Election, Mwaure promised to devolve budgeting to Village Councils where every village will get Sh50 million. His government will also limit total loan repayments by the government to Sh1 trillion.  “This will immediately release Sh50 billion to support Government programmes. We will urgently call for a meeting with our lenders to arrive at a fresh repayment plan to ensure the country does not fall into debt distress,” he said.

Additionally, all contracts with foreign entities starting with the Standard Gauge Railway, Nairobi Expressway, Mombasa, Lamu, Naivasha and Kisumu ports will be made public under his administration.

The Agano government has also promised to create an office for the Registrar of Families and use the data collected for the Huduma Number to refocus government planning to be family-centred.

 Mwaure will ensure that each registered family has at least one person who is employed and roll out the Universal Healthcare Coverage programme based on disease and demography.

Priority will be given to cancer, accident victims and all forms of medical/non-elective surgery. He has further promised to waive medical bills for any person who dies in a government hospital.

Furthermore, people aged 70 years and above will get access to free medical services.

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