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Another weekend, another tug of war pitting Munya, Waiguru vs Kanini Kega, Sabina Chege over this man Justin Muturi

Sunday, June 13th, 2021 16:34 | By
Speaker Justin Muturi. PHOTO/COURTESY

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has answered back his critics who have accused him of dividing Mt Kenya region, saying he stands for peace and unity.

Speaking at ACK St Lukes Kenya Njeru in Kangema constituency, Murang'a County, which was celebrating its 50th anniversary, Muturi said his current mission is only peace and unity of the region.

"My only mission is to ensure the region is united and the people get to speak in one voice" he remarked.

On Saturday, several governors, MPs and aspirants, who met in Kieni, hit out at Muturi, dismissing his newfound spokesman role.

Governors Peter Munya (Meru), Anne Waiguru (Kirinyaga) and Martin Wambora (Embu), appeared rattled by Muturi's elevation as they hurled jibes at him.

But the Speaker on Sunday called on all the region's leaders to forget their differences and seek the unity of Mt Kenya.

"Charity begins at home and I have a role to unite the people of Kenya, starting from Parliament where I am Speaker," said Muturi.

He however said he is not afraid of the criticism being thrown towards him but warned the critics against using words which could burn up the country.

"Criticism is okay but it should be aimed at improving the situation not making it worse," he said.

"We have a robust bill on human rights which gives room for freedom of expression but people should use it wisely," he said.

Muturi was accompanied by among others, MPs Muturi Kigano (Kangema), Kanini Kega, (Kieni), Murang'a Women Rep Sabina Chege, defence CS Monica Juma and Water PS Joseph Irungu.

Kega and Chege urged Muturi to surge on with his appointed role of uniting all leaders in Mt Kenya region.

Kieni Mp said the divisions in the region might cost it dearly come 2022 adding that the leaders have to purpose to work together and deliver a win in the forth coming general elections.

He said the region has gained a lot by bargaining for its interest and that it would lose it all if the situation does not change.

"If we get to the polls like this, I can assure you this will be the end of the Gema community and we shall end up in opposition," he said.

The MP however said anybody who would like to unite the region should be free to do so as long as it's for the good of the people.

Chege on her part said the strength of the region lies in its numbers which runs to about 10 million votes adding that this is a political weapon that the region cannot afford to gamble with.

She also urged Muturi to be free in visiting every corner of the region as that is his home.

The host MP Muturi Kigano said leaders cannot afford to split the mountain at such a time when it's unity is needed most.

Kigano said the Gema community has always been united and it would be sad if it is divided due to petty politics.

He claimed there are some external forces which have been hell-bent to divide the region and its people as they have been envious of its unity.

"The unity of our region is our strength and this shall help us bargain for our political future," he said.

"We have been together since independence and leaders should ensure we uphold this unity by setting aside their personal differences," he added.

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