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Candidates decry voter bribery in UDA’s Kandara nomination exercise

Saturday, November 26th, 2022 21:56 | By
Evelyne Waithira an aspirant seeking UDA party ticket addressing the media. PHOTO/ Wangari Njuguna

Several candidates contesting for the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party ticket in the Kandara nominations claim the exercise was marred with voter bribery.

Evelyne Waithira one of the candidates claims she has evidence of agents and supporters of her competitors dishing out money and food items to the electorate in a bid to woo them to vote in their favour.

Waithira said this goes against the party's regulations and the said candidates should face disciplinary action.

"We have photographic evidence which we will submit to the party for it to take necessary action," she said.

While noting that the said candidates had ample time to woo the residents to vote for them, Waithira alluded that the voters already made up their minds on who to nominate.

"Everyone had already made up their mind on who to vote for and thus there was no need to bribe them to change their mind," she added.

Stephen Mwaura, another candidate said the delay in starting the voting exercise was a concern for them.

Mwaura also claimed that there were candidates who were dishing out money to the voters.

"Voter bribery defies the fundamental right for people to freely make a choice on the candidate they would like to vote for," Mwaura said.

Stephen Mwaura addressing the media in Kandara. PHOTO/ Wangari Njuguna

"We hope the party is going to address this issue and those found culpable are dealt with," he added.

Mwaura also said there was a mix-up of ballot papers with some being taken to the wrong polling stations causing confusion among voters.

The matter was however addressed and voting went on.

Jacinta Muthama an agent to one of the candidates admitted that there were cases of voter bribery pointing an accusing finger at the agents who were being used to dish out money.

"We have had several chaotic incidents as agents fight each other and this can only tell there are fishy deals going on," she remarked.

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