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Govt Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna w*rns against mixing politics and religion, says it hinders development

Thursday, August 26th, 2021 13:50 | By
Cyrus Oguna
Cyrus Oguna PHOTO/File

Government Spokesperson Col. (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna has warned Kenyans against mixing politics and religion.

Speaking to a press conference in Mombasa on Thursday, August 26, Oguna said a county cannot achieve significant development if religion and politics are intertwined.

He stated that many countries in the world have face destruction as a result of their politics being mixed with religion.

“There is no country that has recorded progress when politics and religions are intertwined. European history indicates that the two things were once together but there was no development recorded in respective countries other than constant fights. They had to have the two work separately to record development progress,” Oguna said.

According to Oguna, the country had recorded significant progress when it was made clear that politicians should cease politicking in church.

He, however, regretted that the country has gone back to its former state given that politicians have turned churches and pulpits into their playground.

“We had made a huge progress but now it appears that we have made two steps forward and another two steps backwards,” he said.

Oguna lauded the Catholic church for pronouncing itself clearly on the matter and challenged other religious groups to follow suit.

“I want to thank the Catholic church for their stand. It is supposed to be that way. No country has recorded progress when politics become part of religious activities,” Oguna added.

He at the same time challenged the youth to avoid being misused by politicians during this electioneering period.

Oguna stated that Kenyans should not be fooled by politicians who will give them tokens today and leave them hungry after being elected into office.

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